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news - Depósito Central de Valores - CREANDO VALOR

Capital markets pacific alliance conference

This international must-attend conference will be an opportunity for business leaders, institucional investors and pioneering policy-makers to share new insights, recommendations and draw a new roadmap for the development and integration of capital markets in Chile, Colombia; Mexico, and Peru.

MILA Market figures May 2017

MILA is still the region’s principle market in terms of market capitalization, with US $847,453 Billion.

National Alternative Investments Certificate Program

We share with you version 3.0 of the Alternative Investments Certificate Program, which is organized by the Escuela de Seguros of the Chilean Insurance Association jointly with the Universidad de los Andes.

2016 Economic and Financial Journalism Award

El pasado 5 de mayo de 2016, el Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) participó de la ceremonia de premiación del Premio al Periodismo Económico y Financiero en Chile. Certamen que por tercer año es organizado por la Asociación de Administradoras de Fondos Mutuos, auspiciado por el Depósito Central de Valores y Zeta Comunicaciones y patrocinado por la Asociación Interamericana de Periodistas de Economía y Finanzas (Aipef Chile) con el fin de promover la educación financiera a través de los medios de comunicación.

2018 Executive of the Year Award

 "NOMINATE YOUR CANDIDATE! FROM JULY 5TH TO AUGUST 6TH" Mujeres Empresarias and Revista Capital created the “Executive of the Year Award”, where Chilean companies recognize the most valued executive. The 2018 version is presented by Scotiabank and sponsored by Sodexo, EY Chile, Volvo and DCV.

2019 ACSDA Senior Leadership Summit

More than 30 people that represented the ACSDA - Americas’ Central Securities Depositories Association and special guests such as Euroclear, Nasdaq, Swift, Citibank, Amazon and IBM participated in the meeting that was held on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd November in Miami Florida.

2019 Executive of the Year Award

DCV sponsors the executive of the year award for the second consecutive year, organized by mujeres empresarias and revista capital.

2019 National Diploma alternative investments

EThe purpose of the program is to train professionals in the different types of alternative assets that are available to institutional investors in Chile regarding their role in their portfolio, definition, availability, assessment, investment limits, custody, legal compliance and monitoring.

2019 Ordinary meeting of depositors

An Ordinary Meeting of Depositors will be held on March 15th, 2019, at 09:00 hours in the Auditorium of AFP Provida S.A. located at Avenida Pedro de Valdivia No. 100, 1st floor, district of Providencia, Santiago.

4th Award to Economic and Financial Journalist - 2016

The Chilean Association of Mutual Fund Administrators (AAFM) deemed recognizing the excellence and quality journalism in the financial sector -regarding savings, investment and, specifically, mutual funds- to be fundamental. Hence, it created an instance where a qualified jury of 7 members belonging or relating to the financial, academic and national life fields, could vote to award the leading journalist in this field.

5°PEF 2017 Economics & Finance Journalism Award

eposito Central de Valores and the Association of Mutual Fund Administrators of Chile (AAFM) invite you to participate in the 5th version of the “PEF Award”: Economics & Finance Journalism Quality in Chile.

A night of music and entertainment

On December 2, at Backstage of Patio Bellavista, Depósito Central de Valores organized its annual event for its clients...

A valuable contribution to the social commitment of DCV

During 2019, various initiatives linked to social responsibility were started as DCV understands that this is the basis of all developed societies, the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) has developed a commitment to social responsibility, and as part of this, at the end of last year it made an important donation to financing part of an activity called “Navidad Parroquia Santa Cruz”.

ACSDA Executive Committee holds full-day planning meeting at SWIFT office in Miami

On Monday January 22, the ACSDA Executive Committee held a full day planning meeting in Miami. The Committee has concluded that it is absolutely essential that they periodically meet in person. Speaking on the telephone, which they do regularly, is good for receiving a status however those calls have not always proven effective as a forum for sharing ideas and discussing how to best serve the membership.

ACSDA IDB Project completes the first review in Deceval S.A. facilities

Exactly 5 months following the PFMI Principles Workshop in Panama City which marked the major milestone of this project between the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), ACSDA and XX of ACSDA’s members, the first on-site individual CSD review session took place in the offices of Deceval S.A. in Bogota, Colombia.

ACSDA IDB Project completes the review in Latin Clear facilities

On November 15, 16 and 17, 2017, the on-site review of the self-assessment for the Project to Strengthen the Financial Infrastructures of the Americas, in compliance with the IOSCO Principles, took place at the offices of Central Latinoamericana de Valores, S.A., carried out by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Americas' Central Securities Depositories Association - ACSDA.

Advances and challenges of the securities deposit industry

Javier Jara Traub, tells us about the main trends that have marked the securities deposit industry, the experiences of the markets and their main challenges, especially around innovation in the financial industry, cybersecurity and the FinTech world.

Again, excellence in quality of service defines our work

With an average for the year 2019 of an 89% evaluation of grades 6 and 7 -equivalent to a grade 6.4-, the DCV service satisfaction study ended. Excellence in quality of service has always been one of the strategic pillars.

Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASLF)

Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASLF),is a meeting that Citi carries out each year with the purpose of bringing together the participants of the securities market of the entire region and of the world to explore the developments that are changing the custody industry, and the possible implications and effects that these may have on the business.

Annual Seminar of the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV)

The activity was presented by Mónica Singer, Blockchain expert at ConsenSys, economist Kevin Cowan (Commissioner of the Commission for the Financial Market); Beltrán de Ramón (Manager of the Financial Markets Division of the Central Bank of Chile) and Mauricio Martínez (Executive Director of EYand creator of the first Fintech study).

BH Compliance once again Certifies DCV for a 2 year period

We are proud to inform you that on February 23rd, 2018, after an ongoing monitoring and revision process, BH Compliance once again certified, for a 2-year period, that Depósito Central de Valores and DCV Registros have a Crime Prevention Model implemented according to the requirements of Law 20,393 as to its situation, size, line of business, income level and complexity.

Blockchain Summit Latam: The origin and future of the technological revolution

This past May 8th and 9th, the first version of the Blockchain Summit Latam was held. It is a technological seminar aimed at explaining the origin and potential of blockchain in Latin America, and also to bring together developers, startups and organizations interested in this technological revolution.

BLOCKCHAIN, a technology that may change everything

Three senior executives of the DCV are participating in the Blockchain Latin America convention, taking place at the Convention Center of Hotel Las Americas in Cartagena, Colombia.

BSI recertifies DCV’s ISO 22301

DCV finished the auditing process of the british standards institution (bsi) and achieved the recertification of iso 22301 standard without any observations, for its correct management of the continuity of the business.

Bulletin July 2019 - World Forum of CSDs

In July, the 8th edition of the World Forum Conference (WFC) newsletter was published, which included some remarks from its Chairman, Mohamed Abdel Salam, regarding the World Forum of CSDs held last April, the role of securities depositories in developing economies and the challenges for the future of CSDs.

Chile plans new law to adopt Basel III for its banks

SANTIAGO, June 12 (Reuters) - Chile's government sent its Congress a bill on Monday that aims to modernize the country's banking system by adopting strict international bank capital requirements known as Basel III.

Cifras mercados MILA mayo 2019

MILA sigue como principal mercado de la región en términos de capitalización bursátil, con  837.153 MM USD..

Collaboration for the development of the Blockchain in Chile

A few weeks ago, Forbes magazine unveiled the “Blockchain 50” ranking with the private companies that are using and developing this new technology in their businesses. To the surprise of some, in addition to the firms that were born under the guise of the “fourth industrial revolution”, such as Facebook, Google or Amazon, many of those which appear on the list are traditional companies, with several years of history.

CONAI 2018: The future of internal audit is

El Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) participated in CONAI 2018 and was recognized for its efforts and pursuit of excellence, having internationally certified its internal audit function.

CONAI 2019: Future challenges of Internal Audit

The National Internal Audit Congress (CONAI) is a great event organized by the Institute of Internal Audit and Corporate Governance of Chile that brings together directors, comptrollers and auditors of companies in various presentations and plenary sessions to address the challenges and latest trends in internal audit.

Consultation with Depositors on Service for Special Pledge

Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) wishes to inform you that, pursuant to Law No. 20,956 entitled “Productivity Law”, published in the Official Gazette on October 26th, 2016, Law No. 18,876 was amended, which, among other changes to this law, created a new type of pledge named “Special pledge on securities on deposit registered in the book entry system”.

Corporate Integrity ethics is in the heart of all our actions

A company’s ethics management is a fundamental pillar for its activity to be sustainable and profitable. A proper culture that fosters and promotes a solid business, and that cultivates a work environment guided by the organization’s values, is essential for a long term harmonious and sustained growth.

Cristián Rodríguez and Jaime Munita join the Deposito Central de Valores’ Board

At the ordinary shareholders meeting, held on March 26th, the Deposito Central de Valores’ (DCV) new Board was elected for a period of 2 years. Cristián Rodríguez, President of AFP Habitat, and Jaime Munita, General Manager of AFP Capital, joined the Board to replace Arturo del Río and Juan Carlos Reyes.

CSD Working group on DLT signed a memorandum of understanding

Santiago, January 17th, 2018 - Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) together with other securities depositories and industry providers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to work together and demonstrate how DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) could be implemented in post-trade scenarios, what new kinds of products could be built using it, and how existing standards could support it.

Cultura ética en el DCV

El programa de integridad corporativa del DCV y su manual de ética definen nuestra forma de hacer negocios y la forma de relacionarnos.

Culture of recognition: The value of recognizing employees

Good practices in people management recommend recognising intangible (80%) over tangible (20%) achievements, so as to encourage our collaborators to achieve excellence through the implementation of a culture of recognition in the company.

Custody International Training Cycle 2016 September 2016

More than a hundredpeople have taken part in the four training sessions through the webinar tool, and in light of its success, the Central Securities Deposit (DCV for its acronym in Spanish) warmly welcomes all to a new session, in which we will address the operation of the “Electronic Registry of Pledges on Foreign Securities”, recently opened by the DCV. In this training, we will review the service, its main features and benefits of working with it.

DCV modernizes the BRAA custody service

DCV Presents the renovated custody service of the social security system contribution certificates of pension fund active members (BRAA)

DCV modernizes the BRAA custody service

DCV Presents the renovated custody service of the social security system contribution certificates of pension fund active members (BRAA)

DCV actively participated in the preparation of proposals regarding Fintech regulation

DCV was invited by the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) to participate in the proposal preparation process regarding future Fintech regulation. The challenge was addressed in group sessions during the final months of 2018, with the purpose of commenting on how a regulatory framework for companies in the Fintech market could be developed.

DCV and BCI Corredores de Bolsa promote the Foreign Securities Market

Santiago June 20th, 2019.- The Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) and BCI Corredores de Bolsa signed an agreement to promote the Foreign Securities Market, and its more than 200 registered instruments, among them, the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) issued in the United States, and American equity stocks.

DCV and BCI Corredores de Bolsa promote the Foreign Securities Market

Santiago June 20th, 2019.- The Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) and BCI Corredores de Bolsa signed an agreement to promote the Foreign Securities Market, and its more than 200 registered instruments, among them, the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) issued in the United States, and American equity stocks.

DCV and EY Chile carry out the second version of the Fintech economic expectations survey:

Most of the fintech industry see their situation as “very good”, with sales up and thinking of hiring talent., This sector of the economy is quite positive about the evolution of its companies. However, regarding the economic expectations of the country, the results are less positive: 63% believe that the country’s situation will worsen in the next 3 months and 63% maintain the same with respect to the next 12 months.

DCV and its commitment to Ethics

Since its creation, the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) has developed a commitment to corporate integrity and ethical culture. We believe that companies should be recognized, not only for the quality of their products or services, but for their ethical actions and good practices.

DCV and its “successful inclusion” formula

The new Employment Inclusion Law, aimed at promoting an effective integration of disabled people into the working world, and which sets a quota in relation to the total employees of a company, entered into force on April 1st, 2018. “Adapting ourselves to the requirements of this new regulation has been very natural to us”              

DCV celebrates 26 years in times of change

With the traditional anniversary party, dcv celebrated with its employees its 26 years of history and shared the transformation challenges that it faces as a company.

DCV celebrates Christmas with the tree of good wishes

The Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) over the years has been characterized by creatively creating different events and special dates. Within this context, the tree of good wishes was born, where each of the employees of DCV and DCV Registros wrote a wish, longing or message of hope for Christmas.

DCV celebrates good performance of the International Custody service

Depósito Central de Valores welcomed this year with a historical record. Last April, amounts held in custody peaked (both locally and internationally) at 8,329 million UF (equal to about US$ 333 thousand million). On the other hand, international custody totaled US$1,833 million, a 12.8% increase compared to the preceding month, and a 7.5% increase compared to 2016.

DCV closes 2017 with record figures in terms of results

With a 15.8% increase in its deposited portfolio, compared to December last year, Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) closed 2017 reaching USD 395.9 billion, the highest figure in custody. Additionally, it had other important achievements during this period, including the completion of more than 10 new business projects and record turnover figures in DCV and DCV Registros.

DCV closes 2018 with 128 new clients

128 new clients joined the Depósito Central de Valores in its different lines of business during 2018, a year that was marked by relevant figures in terms of the deposited portfolio’s total balance, which reached 9,120.6 million UF and more than 4,000 pledge registries that were recorded into the guarantees service.

DCV closes its historic vault located in Downtown Santiago

After being 25 years in floor -1 at huérfanos 770, DCV´s custody definitely moves to the 24th floor of the Torre Nueva Santa maría, After 25 years and after being located at the centric Huérfanos street, the vault of the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) changed home. On Saturday May 9th and under strict security and prevention measures (due to COVID-19), the place that was used for the vault was completely emptied.

DCV connects you with the International Markets


DCV continues with the Special Pledge and Advanced Electronic Signature training plan in 2019

During 2018, the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) carried out a series of in person and online sessions and training that supported the company’s 6 lines of business with the aim of generating knowledge on the functionalities and the different services of DCV. More than 600 people participated in the 37 sessions that were held throughout the year.

DCV Educa at Universidad Mayor

An extensive lecture on the role of Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) was given to the students of Business Administration of Universidad Mayor.

DCV Educa begins its series of lectures in Universidad del Desarrollo

The 5th year of Business Administration was the level chosen to share the lecture where DCV introduces future men and women of finance to the world of capital markets, its players and the relevant role played by Depósito Central de Valores.

DCV Educa Conference for UAI Postgraduate Students

Within the area of its DCV Educa, Depósito Central de Valores gave an interesting address to Postgraduate students from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) Business School.  During an hour and a half, over 80...

DCV Educa educating tomorrow’s professionals

Under the DCV Educa financial education program, Fernando Yáñez, general manager of the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV), gave a talk on the DCV and its relationship with the capital market for the third year in a row, to the course of Professor Fernando Coloma at the Pontificia Universidad Católica.

DCV Educa in Universidad del Desarrollo

Senior year students of Commercial Engineering , in the context of their Global Capital Market course, hosted a lecture by the CEO, Fernando Yañez, of Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) within the framework of DCV Educa project.

DCV Educa in Universities

We have once again visited 2 educational institutions in order to deliver a lecture on DCV and its role in the national securities market.

DCV Evolution, our transformation strategy

The Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) is living one of the biggest changes in its 26 years of history. It involves the DCV Evolution (DCVe) project, which involves not only the transformation of the Company’s technological platform.

DCV Evolution: the year of its implementation

This important project contains the total renewal of the core application, improvements to the current processes and the adherence to the best international practices in the securities depository industry, 2020 will be the year in which the DCV Evolution (DCVe)

DCV gets training in Blockchain technology

Within a scenario that is increasingly innovative and dynamic, DCV has always looked to being at the forefront and delivering its workers new knowledge, During November and in the context of the self-management training program promoted by the Human Resources area, Blockchain technology was included. The above since its use is being increasingly demanded in commercial applications. According to the Welive Security portal, an annual growth of 51% is projected for 2022 in various markets, principally in financial institutions.

DCV Hosted annual event for clients on corporate fraud and financial security.

No industry or country is removed from the risk of corporate fraud”. That was one of the main conclusions from the annual event hosted by Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) and its subsidiary DVC Registros. The event, entitled “Cyber Security”, drew nearly 100 attendees, including authorities, members of the board, executives and representatives from participants and issuers.

DCV is committed to a culture of innovation to enter new businesses

In an increasingly competitive financial market, the ability of companies to innovate is essential in order to keep growing. In this context, the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) decided to strongly commit to the innovation culture within the company, with the objective of exploring new lines of businesses based in its current strategic capabilities.

DCV is recognized as one of the best companies for trainees in Chile

The Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) held the sixth position at the national level among more than 67 companies in the third version of the Best Companies for Trainees ranking carried out by Firstjob, the largest platform for students and young professionals in Latin America.

DCV joins the innovation circle

DCV joined the innovation circle program of imagine lab, a business hub that brings together companies with entrepreneurs and incubators to leverage the innovation challenges.

DCV leaves a footprint

Two years ago, Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) engaged in the environmental responsibility challenge, with the Huella Verde program for the promotion of environmentally responsible actions.
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