Legal Documentation


A copy of the ID cards of all natural or legal persons involved must be provided.

The required documentation granted in Chile must be provided in original or authorized copies (an authorized copy is a notarized copy issued by the notary that signed the original document that is subrogated by the archivist in charge of the corresponding protocol.

Any documents provided as notarized copies that do not adhere to the instructions of Art. 431 to 433 of the Basic Court Code, or as simple photocopies or scanned will not be considered.

If presenting electronic documents with advanced signature or electronic documents whose authenticity may be verified as per the terms established in Law 19799 and its regulation, its term to verify them in the corresponding website and/or of the issuing entity must be valid (it can be delivered in person at our offices or attached in an email to

The legal information presented WILL NOT BE RETURNED as per Art. 43 of the new Regulation on Corporations.

Information to register the legal representatives of natural persons.

Shareholders must do the following to act through a third party:

  • Send the notarized POA granting all stock powers in which it has granted the necessary stock powers to be represented.
  • The validity of the powers must be subject to the criteria defined by DCV Registros (please check Information for Shareholders - POAs).
  • Photocopy of the agent's ID card.

Information to register the legal representatives of legal persons.

Shareholders must present the following to DCV:

  • Photocopy of the Corporation's taxpayer ID number and of its agents.
  • Original signature registrations of the agents with powers of attorney for stock issues, notarized containing "signed before me" or with an Advanced Notarized Signature.
  • Legal documentation based on the legal person. (For detailed information on the legal documentation to be presented, please check our Queries page and request the "legal documentation list" for the type of legal person required.
  • Deeds that describe the current POAs of the Corporation's agents stating the powers granted, such as to sell shares, collect and perceive dividends. (Please check Information for Shareholders - POAs).

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Legal Documentation


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