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DCV Implements a Training and Development Platform

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The platform is called Ubits, the online competencies
development platform with wide access to different
personal and professional training courses.


Depósito Central de Valores has recently launched Ubits with the strong commitment of constantly improving the quality the services offered. An innovative comprehensive training and development platform in which collaborators can access more than 10,000 contents related to soft skills, business, technology, and language.

"The implementation of Ubits is a great opportunity for the entire team. It is a strong and flexible digital tool that allows to design, implement, and measure our collaborators' learning experience and provides the opportunity to develop new skills and competencies. All of this in different study formats such as courses, speeches, podcasts, books, case studies, among others," said Víctor Cortéz, Head of Collaborators' Experience of the People and Culture Management of Depósito Central de Valores.

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The platform also offers a series of key functionalities for training development and follow-up. First, it facilitates the creation of strategies through plans that include online training diagnoses and competencies mapping. Second, it allows to execute these plans, providing a customized learning experience through Ubits Learn and Ubits LMS, making it possible to measure results and contributing to optimize participation through workshops and events.

This investment in talent development "is vital for the Company because it promotes our employees' personal and professional growth which, in turn, makes the entire organization stronger," says the Head of Collaborators' Experience.

The initiative promoted by the People and Culture Management reflects the strong commitment of the Company to the growth and excellency of its collaborators. Providing continuous access to learning and development resources promotes a proper environment for innovation and continuous improvement.



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DCV Attended the XXVI ACSDA General Meeting

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Rodrigo Roblero, General Manager of DCV, Javier Jara,
Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager, and
Eduardo Roa, Head of Strategic Projects and
Businesses attended the meeting.


As every year, the meeting gathers Securities Depositories and Clearing Houses of the Americas to analyze relevant issues for the industry. This year, the American Association of Central Securities Depositories (ACSDA) organized the topics around technology trends, cybersecurity, and digitization.

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“As infrastructure providers for the Chilean capital market, it is important to be part of these meetings which allow us to actively contribute to the development and innovation of the activities of securities depositories, share experiences, generate collaboration, and add value," said Javier Jara, Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager of DCV and member of the ACSDA Board.

The second day of the meeting addressed the topic of assets digitization and the role of securities depositories, where Javier Jara participated in one of the panels presenting the digital assets project being executed by Depósito Central de Valores "it is a challenge that without a doubt will be relevant for the industry and the market in general in the upcoming years," he added.

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This trend states the possibility of a significant change in the way in which Central Securities Depositories operate and provide services. In that respect, the panelists agreed on the fact that digitization may make processes more efficient, transparent and provide a better user experience.

During the same meeting, Eduardo Roa, Head of Strategic Projects and Businesses, talked about the business diversification opportunities for the central depositories industry in the region and in the world.

"The Fintech law will introduce new types of financial assets that will provide legal validity to representations of shares, bonds, mortgages, private contracts, and more. This will represent an important challenge that will open the doors to the creation of innovations in a wide variety of business models," said Roa.

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It must be noted that ACSDA is an organization comprised of Securities Depositories and Clearing Houses in the Americas whose purpose is to share information and experiences among its members, through mutual and close cooperation, and also promote best practices in services and the adjustment of the regulations in the securities markets.

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Depositors' Meeting Concludes with the Successful Completion of the Objectives Defined in the 2023 Activities Plan

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The 29th meeting was held online through the Click&Vote,
remote voting solution for shareholders’ meetings developed by the Santiago Stock Exchange and DCV.


The 29th DCV Depositors' Meeting was held on March 15, The Surveillance Committee presented a detailed report on the 2023 operational period on that day.

Regarding the main tasks related to the entity's annual planning Hugo De La Carrera, President of the Supervisory Committee, highlighted the evaluation of DCV's internal control system whose objective is to verify and evaluate the different processes and support systems for the business, focusing on custody, compensation, settlement and transfer. PwC also confirms certificates and runs quarterly cash counts of valid instruments.

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33 subprocesses with higher criticality levels were selected in the internal control systems evaluation. Based on this, 177 controls were selected for testing from a total of 689 as well as 117 out of 692 IT environment and cybersecurity controls. It must be mentioned that, in conclusion, no considerable control deficiencies were observed, in terms of operational design and effectiveness that affect the logical security, operations and maintenance, and development (considering the DCVe project, the new DCV services platform developed with Nasdaq technology in this analysis.)

To fulfill the obligation of conducting quarterly cash counts as per law 18.876 and verifying the accuracy and matching of the depositors' accounts together with verifying and evaluating the certificates cash count safekept by DCV, PwC reviews a set of files extracted from the DCV systems to verify the accuracy of the information provided and runs a physical cash count process of the financial instruments kept in the vault.

In addition, the Chairman, on behalf of the members of the Committee, thanked DCV for the trust given during this year and for their support and professionalism in the tasks assigned, concluding that the objectives set in the 2023 activities plan were met successfully.

In addition, Rodrigo Roblero, General Manager of DCV, thanked our depositors for their trust over these years.

gc02 mar02

2023 was the year in which the entire process of changing our platform was consolidated and I acknowledge in this effort the great work of the committee for letting us manage the risks that we have in our hands and provide a quality service that continues strengthening the company and that allows us to contribute efficiently to the capital market," he added.

Supervisory Committee Board 2024

In the meeting held through Click&Vote, the five members of the Committee for the 2023-2024 period were chosen:

  • Chairman: Hugo De La Carrera Prett
  • Vice-chair: Oscar Mehech Castellón
  • Secretary: Américo Becerra Morales
  • Member: Victoria Martínez Ocamica
  • Member: José Miguel Valdés Lira

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Message from the General Manager

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2023 has been a year filled with lessons. Besides consolidating our new services platform (DCV Evolution), we have worked closely with our clients by creating depositors' committees and bilateral relations. We have learned about everyone's reality and the different needs of the industries that DCV services. We have challenged ourselves to provide value, generating efficiency through different initiatives in place and where, without a doubt, our clients have been key to perfecting ideas and putting them into practice.

Our commitment for 2024 is to continue moving along this path, improving our services and their quality. We will not stop in this quest to provide a service for everyone's needs and those of the market in general.

DCV Registros, the subsidiary of DCV that has been administering shareholders' and investors' registers for 19 years, continues growing and currently has more than 800 shareholders' registers from corporations and investment fund investors. The subsidiary ends the year with 162 shareholders' and investors' meetings where the strength in the processes and information security are the most valued attributes by our clients.

gc01 dic rr

During 2023, we have strengthened our focus on our clients and their needs, being the strategic pillar that has motivated a series of changes within the company. Some examples include reinforcing our customer service channels by connecting through a team of account managers who have learned to identify their needs and provide support in their daily tasks, thus providing close, direct, and agile communication.

The capital market's ecosystem has seen in DCV several aspects that add value and are not restricted to traditional services but are also related to structuring specific solutions required by the market that foster its development.

We will continue moving along this path and will not stop in our quest to continue adding value for our clients and the market.


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DCV Provides Infrastructure for the Internationalization of ScaleX

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Foreign companies can now be part of ScaleX, the stock market for scaleups promoted by the Santiago Stock Exchange and Corfo, and operate thanks to the infrastructure provided by Depósito Central de Valores (DCV).


Due to a change in the regulation for ScaleX, starting in November of this year, companies registered outside of Chile will also be able to participate. This change is due to the growing interest of companies that are in an advanced stage of growth and meet the requirements but that, due to their registration abroad — usually in the United States — do not have this possibility.

The role of DCV in this process has been essential to developing a tailor-made solution for these companies, "As a market infrastructure provider with more than 30 years of experience, we are proud to provide specialized support to foreign issuers, as well as raising capital and growing as issuers in the country," says Asta Meiszus, Product Manager of the Company.

gc03 dic am

Through the CapTable service provided by DCV Registros, a subsidiary of DCV, the company is part of developing and strengthening the country's entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem, transforming Chile into an innovation pole in the region, contributing with experience, security, and quality.

CapTable operates mainly as a support for ScaleX. This way, the contracting process is done through this channel, and the specific queries associated with financing and transaction processes are within the platform. All the above, says Asta, "with the same standards with which DCV Registros administers more than 900 registries of corporations shareholders and investment fund investors which provides the confidence that investors need to invest in these scaleups: support, independence, and experience in the proper way of administering securities."

gc02 dic am

The main benefits available today include cross-listing of a part of the shares of the foreign registry in the local market, access to the OTC market, support for corporate actions, remote support from specialized executives specialized in issuers assistance and natural integration with Depósito Central de Valores.

For the product manager, the importance of developing these solutions lies in the fact that "bridges are built that bring the capital market closer to startups and professionalize certain activities of the market infrastructure."

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DCV's "2023 Quality of Life" Program Ends Successfully

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"Creating these instances in companies is vital to improving best practices," says Sandra Valenzuela, People and Culture Manager.


"Quality of Life" was the name given to a project whose aim is to improve the levels of satisfaction of Depósito Central de Valores' (DCV) collaborators regarding their work life, promoting instances of prevention and self-care.

During the second semester of this year, several activities were conducted as part of the program, among which two talks stood out. The first was on self-care with a thorough review of DCV's best practices handbook where the attendants could talk about healthy eating habits and their impact on work, obesity and diabetes, risk factors, sleep habits for better rest, physical activity, and sedentarism.

gc02 calidad de vida

The second talk was a training session on acquiring new tools for financial planning in 2024. The course was called "Keys for managing personal finance," taught by Mauricio Torres Olmos, Co-Founder of Te-apoyo. Regarding this initiative, Sandra Valenzuela highlighted the following: "The talk on financial education addressed different topics such as income and expenses, how to create a family budget, and key concepts on investment, among others. Undoubtedly, financial education is a topic we should all be educated on."

Regarding the program in general, she added that "these instances are essential to improve best practices in companies. Our program acknowledges that well-being is necessary for people to advance in building a flexible and agile company with empowered teams that can rapidly adapt to the challenges of the market and our clients."

gc01 calidad de vida

Along with these sessions, other initiatives took place during 2023, such as the "Nutricycle" and a soccer league to promote the integration and collaboration of work teams, together with education snippets, healthy activation breaks, sports, relaxation, consultations with dietitians and physical therapists, and recommendations for remote working, among others.

Due to the good response from our team, DCV will continue with its talks and training plan in 2024, reaffirming its commitment to constantly deliver its knowledge and tools for our collaborators' comprehensive development.


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