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These certifications reflect the importance assigned by DCV to information security, protecting information assets, and organizational resilience.


DCV, a leader in infrastructure solutions for the capital market, has reached an important milestone in its commitment to excellence in its services by keeping ISO 22301:2019 business continuity management and ISO 27.001:2013 information security management certifications.

These standards provide rigorous guidelines for management systems that allow to ensure and validate that DCV is prepared to face disruptive situations, ensuring that there are effective controls in place to protect information assets.

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"We are proud to keep the ISO certifications because this reflects the ongoing commitment to excellence in information security and business resilience. Our team works to ensure that we are prepared to face any challenge and preserve the continuity of our services at an acceptable level and within the established times for our stakeholders, said  André Medel, DCV Risk and Continuity Assistant Manager.

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As a result of the follow-up auditing, there were not any relevant breaches of the standard's requirements due to the maturity of the company's management system.

"It is very important for DCV for an independent and prestigious company as BSI (British Standards Institution) to certify what we do. It does not only validate our preparation for crises and our focus on information security but also the position of DCV in the market," added Medel.

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Claudio Garín, Business and Customer Experience Manager of Depósito Central de Valores (DCV), refers to the issuance and custody infrastructure that the company enabled to implement the mechanisms of the Electricity Tariff Stabilization Fund.


In the context of the Electricity Tariff Stabilization Fund created by Law 21472 of 2022, DCV informed about the creation of a solution for the registration of issuance, custody, and settlement of "Payment Documents" in favor of power generating companies, thus providing the necessary technology and operational infrastructure for this process.

The proposal considered understanding the customer's needs and operational, legal, and technological aspects to articulate a solution associated with the issuance of instruments and an operational design managed by DCV Asesorías y Servicios which, working in coordination with the General Treasury of the Republic, the Ministry of Finance and BID Invest, created and transferred the first 200 payment instruments.

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"DCV has the ability to create solutions that respond to the needs of the capital market. We are always available to support our clients. This is also possible due to the continuous work in the Depositors Committee," said Claudio Garín, Business and Customer Experience Manager at DCV.

Through this new technology infrastructure, DCV created the "electronic bond" for these companies, making the process more expedited for all stakeholders and cooperating in a country project, providing a digital solution to put it into practice through a safe and transparent system for all.

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Clementina Torres, DCV Operations and Processes Manager highlighted: "Over the past 30 years, we have strived to be at the forefront of the industry, always promoting innovation in the provision of new services and technological development. Due to this, we are proud to have participated in creating this new instrument and the operational infrastructure to support it."



Regarding the above, Juan Daniel Vargas, Head of Corporate Finance and Financial Planning of Enel Generación Chile S.A., said that "having DCV as the infrastructure provider has been very useful. We have been able to trust custody experts and have highly secure processes that have provided us the peace of mind to carry out this project."




"We have had the support of a human team with an incredible willingness to solve our questions and inconveniences at all times. Knowing that we can reach out to DCV and ask for their help is highly valuable to our business, whose main focus is energy; a very different world from the financial world," added Verónica Barros, Senior Legal & Corporate Counsel of Generadora Metropolitana.


This solution reflects the hard work of the company's team in the quest for operational efficiency through technology streamlining, where through agile and structured meetings methodologies with clients and stakeholders, "we articulated a proposal in record time that was adapted and adjusted in terms of its capacity to ensure the quality, technical and legal robustness required," said Claudio Garín.


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High security and efficiency standards that have
characterized DCV for 30 years.


Responding to its mission to provide an infrastructure of excellence for the capital market under the same security and efficiency standards that have characterized it for 30 years, Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) is focused on designing solutions for the securities market.

As mentioned by Javier Jara, Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager, "We are currently working on new lines whose purpose is creating technology infrastructure that promotes the entrance of startups and other companies to the capital market, which undoubtfully contributes to the development and dynamism of the national financial ecosystem."

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In this context and in relation to the new stock market ScaleX platform deployed by the Santiago Stock Exchange to facilitate the funding of new businesses, DCV has created the Captable service to manage the shareholders' register and ownership for these companies that are starting to raise capital. As pointed out by Javier Jara, the advantage of Captable is that "this solution supports startups and also guarantees investors that their investments will be protected by an entity such as DCV."

The Company's Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager highlighted the importance of developing these solutions because "bridges that connect the capital market with startups are built, and certain infrastructures of the capital market are professionalized, contributing to the processes with technological strength and security which are very necessary to attract investors to our country."

The same solution is also being implemented in other corporations looking for local or international funding.

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"DCV Digital" is the project that guarantees high-security standards for the instrument issuance processes.


Innovation is a key factor in the development of new technologies that Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) is leading in 2023. Due to this, DCV and the Central Bank of Chile, the main issuer of financial instruments, decided to take a step together to develop a project called DCV Digital with Nasdaq.

It is an agreement through which these entities explored the feasibility of moving forward in the issuance of digital assets, considering issuance, administration, and buy-back stages, using DLT technology, known as Blockchain.

DCV Digital is a strategy to build a base infrastructure that includes these assets and that allows their digital issuance, considering the development of future solutions that include other parts of instruments' life cycles and the incorporation of other assets.

Rodrigo Roblero, gerente general del DCV

"We want to become a relevant player in digital assets custody to provide an applicable service that helps reduce risks and improve instruments issuance processes," explained Rodrigo Roblero, General Manager of DCV.

This is why they decided to move forward with their world-class technology partner. "Nasdaq provides a great level of support, knowledge, and investment in research. Continuing our collaboration with them after the go-live of DCV Evolution was a logical step given the native compatibility of their products," he stated.

El DCV desarrolla proyecto tecnológico para impulsar emisión de activos digitales

This was part of an assessment period that started with the design and validation of a preliminary conceptual model and then moved to a detailed analysis and design process. Today the process is in its construction stage.

"The DCV Digital project strengthens our relationship with the Central Bank in the ongoing quest to modernize services for the securities market by leveraging new technologies," expressed the General Manager.

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Rodrigo Roblero, gerente general del DCV.

"Including Citi as part of our infrastructure allows us to access more markets," explains Claudio Garín, Business and Customer Experience Manager at DCV.


DCV became part of the regional custodians' system in a partnership with Citi Securities Services, one of Latin America's main service providers for securities depositories (CSDs).

Over the last seven years, Citi has played a key role in supporting crossed-listing programs of the CSDs in the main markets, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and El Salvador, promoting intermediation activity in national capital markets and access to global securities.

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DCV became part of this network, and Citi Securities Services will become an international securities custodian for the local market. The transition of the financial instruments took place successfully on May 26.

Through the large global network of Citi that comprises more than 100 markets, DCV will be able to provide its depositors more and better access to the global market. The extended relationship will allow the clients of DCV and its direct participants to leverage new services from segregated accounts, FED settlement, transactions clearing (intermediation), tax services (qualified intermediary), and American mutual funds investments.

Claudio Garín, gerente Comercial y de Experiencia de Clientes del DCV

"Including Citi as part of our Cross-border Custody infrastructure provides us access to more markets and broadens our value-added services offering for our clients. We also expect to achieve important short- and mid-term efficiencies through automated processes (STP) which translate into expediency, lower operational burden, and reduce potential errors," says Claudio Garín, Business and Customer Experience Manager at DCV.

Ricardo Hesse, director de Securities Services de Citi para América Latina 

"Expanding the relationship between Citi and DCV reflects the commitment of more than 30 years of Citi with the Latin American region and our experience in creating solutions to address the needs of central securities depositories," claims Ricardo Hesse, Director of Securities Services of Citi for Latin America.

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Rodrigo Roblero, gerente general del DCV.

The World Forum Conference of Central Securities Depositories (WFC) takes place every two years and gathers the world's most important players of the market.


In the meeting, the most important topics for the securities industry (CSDs) in the world are discussed, and it is organized by the World Forum Conference of Central Securities Depositories (WFC). This year the meeting was held from May 24 to 26 in  Prague, with representatives from the regional associations of depositories from Asia Pacific, America, Africa and the Middle East, Europe, and Central Eurasia, as well as regulators and other capital market actors.

foto01 wfc 2023

Guillermo Tagle, Chair of the Board, Rodrigo Roblero, General Manager, and Javier Jara, Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager, attended the meeting representing Depósito Central de Valores (DCV).

The meeting aims to provide an instance to cooperate and discuss the most important topics for the industry with different leaders of Central Securities Depositories, regulators, central banks, international banks, local authorities, and custodians from around the world.  

 Guillermo Tagle presidente directorio DCV 

"It is very important to participate in international events to stay current with world trends and provide the best service to our clients." One of our objectives is to look for new businesses and innovation," explained Guillermo Tagle.

Rodrigo Roblero, gerente general DCV

Rodrigo Roblero added, "Depositories all over the world must exchange experiences to face the industry's challenges and become better prepared for the new needs of our clients."


Javier Jara, gerente Legal y Asuntos Corporativos DCV

Javier Jara said, "It was interesting to see the business development experiences the different countries are promoting to develop their securities markets.

The topics addressed in the WFC included the facilitation of cross-border investment flows, learned experiences and the challenges of the DLT technology in pilot programs developed by FMIs, settlement processes efficiency, global post-trade vision, and the systemic risk in post-trade.

"Clearly, the experience of being part of this event has been useful to understand the challenges that the industry to which DCV belongs is facing, notwithstanding the great challenges that we have at a local level," concluded Roberto.

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