Cyber Security as the Backbone of DCV

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DCV is constantly looking to maintain high standards
in security issues.


Developing a technology that is in line with the requirements of the business and the best practices associated with cybersecurity is one of the strategic pillars of Depósito Central de Valores (DCV). This is because it is a vital part of DCV’s internal culture, as the institution is considered critical in the financial market.

In the challenging scenario brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, the IT Operations and Cybersecurity Department of DCV has constantly worked on mitigating the risks associated with working remotely by adding technological protection mechanisms and other factors. Thus, it has been necessary to inform and train our collaborators on an on-going basis. An example of this are the short videos with explanations and information attached to emails, reminding users of the principal types of cyberattacks they could be exposed to. Other activities have aimed at teaching, preventing, and alerting about possible threats that can help protect the information of all active collaborators in the organization.

In addition, several informative sessions hosted by the Legal and Corporate Affairs Department of DCV have taken place to inform about cybersecurity-related topics.

Detecting threats and attacks is vital. Thus, the on-going monitoring of vulnerabilities and problems has allowed us to implement solutions and strengthen the processes required to continue offering services in a secure and efficient manner.

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