CFM Custody Service

The Mutual Fund Quotas Custody Service (CFM) allows participants to maintain the custody of these instruments in their position accounts. For this purpose, mutual fund quota issuing companies as participants execute deposit or withdrawal transactions of these securities from their position accounts in order to enable the transaction and/or settlement by means of Trading or Transfer transactions of mutual fund quotas subscribed or redeemed by other participants acting as investors.

The Mutual Fund Quotas Custody Service (CFM) considers:


The Unknown Quota Value Mutual Fund Quotas Custody Service (Type 2 to 8) ensures that these values may be subscribed by Pension Funds (PFA) and Redundancy Funds (RFA) as contributors or investors registering them in their name with DCV on the closing date of the day that the investment was made.


The service permits depositors to complete the registration and settlement of operations with mutual fund installments, which according to the Law and Regulation of the relevant Issuing Fund, may be subscribed and/or redeemed through ownership transfer of financial instruments, which shall be deposited with DCV in free-availability status in the national custody position account of the participant that shall deliver them.

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Transfer of mutual fund installments
The registration of each mutual fund installment transfer operation will accrue a rate of 0.050 Unidades de Fomento, applicable to each participant involved in the transacation.

Transfer of Financial Instruments
The transfer of financial instruments on account of payment of contribution or redemption of installments will accrue a single rate of 0.30 UF for each party, regardless of the number of instruments involved in the operation.

Principal Account
The opening and use of principal accounts for the registration and settlement of mutual fund installments will accrue a rate of 1.5 UF monthly for the relevant participant.

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