“We must Consolidate what we have called our New Way of Working.”

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Sandra Valenzuela, DCV People Management manager, tells us about the main challenges for 2022,
a year that will be of significant importance for the Company.
In this sense, choosing a hybrid work model and
the roles of leaders will be vital.


- What are the main challenges that you foresee for 2022?

There are many challenges, but to start, we must consolidate what we have called “our new way of working,” I mean the hybrid work model installed after the pandemic. This will require us to redefine our workspaces and change how we have worked over the last two years, which was a good response to the emergency we were facing.

We are currently in the middle of a “transformation process.” As part of it, we must adapt to digital culture, providing clear guidelines for our workers to keep our Company in order and balance it with our daily lives, thus avoiding hyper-connectivity. Another critical challenge is strengthening the bond between Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) and its collaborators under this new work format. We must promote socializing and communication instances as much as possible.

- In terms of remote work. How have you managed to maintain work excellency with this new work modality imposed by the pandemic where most things are done remotely?

I believe that keeping our teams connected and motivated was essential, and for that, the roles that leaders played were crucial. We worked in a leadership program that will address the adaptation to the new scenario.

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Remote work required the proper management and optimization of the tools available, handling the times when people are connected and not, developing autonomy in the decision-making process, and optimizing communication.
Sandra Valenzuela, DCV People Management manager.

- What are the main changes that you believe will come with this new way of working?

This new way of working has required us to create secure cyber environments for remote working, having technology collaboration tools to facilitate teamwork and contribute more value to the organization. Without a doubt, digitization has become more relevant.

On the other hand, to install the hybrid work model, we need more flexible physical spaces that promote collaboration between remote and in-the-office collaborators. Another challenge will be measuring productivity and adapting processes for people around the new hybrid work modality.

- How has talent attraction changed with this new way of working?

I believe that this is one of the main challenges of the labor market in general. But talent attraction is not only challenged by finding qualified personnel but also by finding people that adjust to the organizational culture.

In addition, people’s motivations have changed a lot over the last years, and we must fully understand them to retain that talent.

- What have all these years working on the DCVe project meant for the DCV team?

It has been quite a challenge and also a good learning experience. In such adverse circumstances as the pandemic and working in the DCV Evolution project, we put all of our own commitment, collaboration, and skills to the test.


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