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Depósito Central de Valores S.A. (DCV) is a corporation established in accordance with Law 18,876 and its regulations, and directives of the Comisión para el Mercado Financiero (Commission for the Financial Market, CMF), (ex SVS). DCV is entitled to receive public offering securities under deposit for transfer between depositors as per this Law.

DCV's purpose is to electronically process and register transfer transactions in stock exchange and the over-the-counter market, and coordinate and provide the necessary information for financial settlement of such transactions.

In 2000, DCV introduced to the market the Shareholder Register Management Service, through its DCV Registros S.A. affiliate, which allows corporations to outsource this task which is not a core competency area and deploy their productive capacities in their business areas.

This is one of the most advanced services in the market, meeting the same operational, safety and technological requirements of all services provided by our organization.


DCV was established on March 15, 1993 to meet the increasing local economy demand for a modern stock market, which required the application of international standards to better operate in the increasingly demanding and globalized markets.

After a decade, DCV has emerged as one of the companies promoting the Chilean stock market modernization, contributing to the application of international standards in coordination with the Central Bank of Chile (BCCH), the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS), the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF), and placing agents and issuers in general.

Ownership and Control



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Be a leader in the provision of infrastructure to the capital market, through its excellence in execution, risk management and

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Be a leader in the management of shareholders and contributors registries, through excellence in execution, risk management and innovation.


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Provide the local and international capital markets with infrastructure solutions and other supplementary solutions, with the highest standards of transparency, security and efficiency.

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Provide business and shareholders registry management services to its participants; as well as supplementary services, with the highest standards of transparency, security and efficiency.

Corporate Integrity

Throughout its history, the Depósito Central de Valores has been characterized for acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards, generating mechanisms that help us manage the risks we face in each of our businesses, always seeking continuous improvement and incorporating the most modern market practices. Based on this spirit, in 2008 we began with the Corporate Integrity Program.

The program is a tool that seeks to protect the correct way our employees act, in relation to all our stakeholders, using as guidelines the compendium of ethical values within the company, the internal regulations of DCV and the regulations that govern this financial market entity.

This platform is a consultation and /or complaints system, which is hosted in Gestión Social’s servers, an external consultancy that specializes in corporate ethics and sustainability. Here you will be able to pose situations that may be outside the legal framework, the Internal Regulations or DCV’S Ethics Manual.

For those who use this site responsibly, we guarantee the following: confidentiality, establishing control and verification procedures for complaints and/or consultations, implementing the pertinent measures to resolve and obviously provide a formal response to what has been asked.

Rodrigo Roblero A.
General Manager

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