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DCV Registros was born in 2000 to facilitate the administration of shareholder registries of sociedades anónimas and registries of contributors of investment funds in an integrated manner, in one location, helping reduce the associated times, costs and risks. Therefore, ensuring a high quality of service and security standards.

Our infrastructure allows us to provide an important contribution to the administration of the registry providing security, protection and care to the securities of each of its contributors. Accordingly, facilitating administrative tasks and providing access to information for issuers and contributors, with the trust of having the support of an expert that has had exclusive dedication for 19 years to this service.

What do we offer with this service?

  • Transfers of shares and CFI.
  • Issuance and administration of certificates.
  • Payment of dividends and payments to the Chilean Fire Department.
  • Update of information provided by investors and issuers.
  • Automated update of stock market transactions.
  • Issuance of information on tax aspects.
  • Registration of liens and prohibitions.
  • Study of legal backgrounds and issuance of legal reports.

Other optional services:

  • Issuance of shares and preferential offers
  • Conducting shareholders meetings.
  • Exchange of shares, right to withdrawal, auction of shares, merger of companies and takeover bids.

Benefits of this service

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Shareholder’s Attention

Shareholder’s Attention

Signature registration

To protect the interests of shareholders and for them to operate as such, it is vital to keep their signature registration up to date.

For that, shareholders may do the following:

  • Go to the offices of DCV Registros S.A. and fill in the corresponding form. Please schedule an appointment at
  • If shareholders cannot attend personally, they must register their signature with a Notary Public. The signature's registration original document must be sent to the offices of DCV Registros S.A. with an advanced electronic signature to our email address: with a copy of both sides of the corresponding identity card, three signatures, and date.


Shareholders must keep the following information updated in their Corporation's shareholders' registry:

  • Full name (name, middle name, first surname, and second surname).
  • ID number and taxpayer ID number.
  • Full address (street name, address number, commune, city, and country).
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
    • Dividend payment modality. (For more information, go to the "Dividends" tab).

This information is essential to contact shareholders and send them timely and relevant information.  

Please do the following to update this information:

  • Schedule an appointment at to visit the DCV Registros offices.
  • Send an original copy of a letter to DCV Registros, signed by the shareholder or
  • Send an email to attaching the signed, scanned, and dated contact information form with a copy of both sides of the ID card and three signatures (your signature must be registered previously).

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