Statistical Reports Service

Through the Statistics business line, DCV offers you different Statistical Reports that provide information related to the financial instruments that you maintain in custody. To acquire them, depositors must only sign the registration form of statistical reports.

What types of reports do we offer?

Details the volumes of all the instruments held in custody at DCV, specifying them in nominal amounts.

  • Direct download from the platform.
  • Daily generation.
  • 100% of the current instruments that are issued and custodied.
  • Participation percentages of the different issuers for each type of instrument.
  • Expiration terms of all debt instruments.


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Statistical reportMonthly ratesFrequency
Custody Report UF 4 Daily
Transaction Report UF 8 Daily
Maturity Report by Type UF 6 Daily
Instrument Catalogue Report UF 4 Daily
Report on Types of Issued Instruments UF 8 Weekly
Report on Types of Issued Instruments UF 4 Monthly
Report on Types of Pledged Instruments UF 8 Daily
Report on Tablas de Desarrollo UF 4 Monthly
Report on AFP Balances - Issuer Domain UF 1 Per fund
Report on AFC Balances - Issuer Domain UF 1 Per fund
Issuer – domain balances for depositors UF 2  
Consolidated report of instruments subject to article 104 *UF 0,1 Monthly


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