Payment modalities

Shareholders must expressly inform DCV Registros S.A. about the dividends' payment modality of their choice.

  • Bank account deposit (current, savings, site, RUT account, etc.). The name of the bank and the shareholders' account number must be informed.
  • Order check sent by mail to the domicile registered by the shareholder. When selecting this payment modality, the domicile information must be updated in the shareholders' register.
  • Collecting the check at the offices of DCV Registros S.A. or sight drafts in the bank that the company has assigned.

DCV Registros S.A. will use the dividends' payment modality defined by the shareholder until that shareholder does not express their intention to modify it in writing.

If the shareholder has not stated a payment modality for the dividends, DCV Registros S.A. will use the payment modality of collecting an order check at its offices or a sight draft in the assigned bank. This form is not needed if the Corporation has not expressly considered it in its dividends policy.

To inform about or update the dividend payment modality, shareholders may use any of the options available for updating information.

Dividends' validity

Dividends are valid for five years from the date the shareholder obtained the right to request it (the payment date). After the mentioned term, dividends are paid to the Chilean Fire Department as per Law 18046 on Corporations (art. 85) and the Corporations Regulation (art. 45).

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