Click&Vote Platform Usage for Holding Shareholders Meetings Increased 64% in 2021

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The Solution Developed by the Santiago Stock Exchange and
DCV offers Companies an Innovative Solution for
E-voting based on Blockchain Technology.


The Click&Vote remote e-voting platform developed by the  Santiago Stock Exchange and Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) – has shown excellent results with a 64% increase in the number of  Shareholders Meetings and Investors Meetings conducted. In total, 238 meetings took place this season – where 14 corresponded to IPSA companies – compared to 145 for the same period of the previous year.

In addition, the companies and funds that held remote meetings on this platform are quite varied in terms of the number of shareholders, ranging from less than 300 to more than 22,000 with an average attendance quorum of 84% of share representation, similar to the 2020 period (82%), which proves the versatility of Click&Vote regarding its response capacity and meetings management capabilities regardless of the number of shareholders.

Given the current pandemic where health, safety, and social distancing protocols must be followed, this attendance and e-voting solution allows management of the process remotely through a blockchain technology-based platform, providing security, reliability, and information traceability capabilities, as well digital enrollment, and event broadcasting features.

Andrés Araya Falcone, the Clients and Businesses Manager of the Santiago Stock Exchange, said that "the Santiago Stock Exchange is known for promoting innovation by developing different technology offerings that create value for the players in the market who are looking for comprehensive solutions in this ever-evolving industry. With this in mind, and given the current health situation, we have developed the Click&Vote platform with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a higher level of security, reliability, and traceability in the remote voting process for shareholders."

Furthermore, Claudio Garín, the Operations and Services Manager of DCV, pointed out that "Among some of the advantages of holding remote meetings is that shareholders can attend and vote in several meetings from their homes or offices, without the need of commuting or traveling to distant locations; foreign shareholders representatives can participate remotely and cover more than one meeting at once."

The platform based on Blockchain technology within the AUNA  ecosystem – the blockchain consortium launched at the end of 2020 by the Santiago Stock Exchange, DCV, and GTD Chile, and the first of its kind in Latin America – meets all the requirements to guarantee the rights of voters and the regulatory requirements that ensure issuers that the entire process will be done in a secure and thorough manner.

Other important information:

Days with the highest number of meetings held. Except for Thursday, April 22, when 17 meetings took place, the highest number of meetings was held during the last week of April.

Date of the EventNo. of Meetings
Thursday, April 29, 2021 18
Tuesday, April 27, 2021 15
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 14
Friday, April 30, 2021 13


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