The transfer process is subject to security measures - to protect the interests of the shareholders - verifying their identity and checking specific procedures.

Off-Market Transfers

  • Transfering or selling the shares of a natural person or Corporation. The seller and the buyer must sign the transfer in a Notary's office. The Notary must certify: "Mr./Mrs.___________, taxpayer ID number________ signed before me as the seller, and "Mr./Mrs.___________ taxpayer ID number________ signed before me as the buyer." In the case of a succession, the Notary must certify: Mr./Mrs.___________ taxpayer ID number________ signed before me in representation of Succession: ___________, ID Number: __________, and Mr./Mrs.___________, ID number________ signed before me as the buyer.

The original copy of this document must be submitted to our offices or via email with an advanced electronic signature at

  • Transfer with witnesses. The seller, the buyer, and two witnesses of legal age, all with valid ID cards (in the case of a Succession, the witnesses cannot be part of it.)

 The original copy and a notarized copy of the transfer must be sent to to schedule an appointment at the offices of DCV Registros, with the copies of the ID cards of both witnesses.

On-Market Transfers

  • Please get in touch with any stockbroker who works with purchasing and selling shares. Sign the transfer that the Stockbroker will send to the company (DCV Registros) to transfer the shares to their custody and process the sale.


  • In the case of transfers made by legal persons, which must be signed by their agents or representatives, it is mandatory to have presented the current legal documentation and powers of attorney to be reviewed by our Legal Department. Once approved, a legal report will be issued indicating the power to send and/or hire shares.
  • The agent, legal representative, or shareholder must have their signatures registered in the company. Otherwise, the notarized original signature registration must be sent. The Notary must certify:

- Shareholders: “Mr./Mrs.___________, taxpayer ID number________ signed before me."

- Legal representative or agent: “Mr./Mrs.___________ taxpayer ID number________ signed before me in representation of ___________________ ID Number: _____________." In both cases a copy of both sides of the ID card signed by the three parties must be attached to the signature registration, Signatures can also be registered at the offices of DCV Registros.

  • All transfers must include the purchase/sale price per share.
  • According to Art. 1796, a purchase and sales contract between non-legally separated spouses or between the father or the mother and the child under custody will be deemed void.

Shareholder’s Attention

Legal Documentation


Powers of attorney


Other Information


Actual possession