Central Issuance Register

The Central Issuance Register (RCE) comprises the set of parameters and options registered in the DCV system, which help identify and characterize the different registered securities, including, but not limited to, the information on the instrument type, mnemonic code and series, where appropriate. The registration of securities in the RCE is a key requirement for their deposit in DCV, whether in physical or dematerialized form.

New issues may be recorded in the RCE under two modes, depending on the nature of the securities in question, i.e. a registration at Issuer’s request or a registration derived from the securities deposit instructions, registered by Depositor. Notwithstanding, DCV may establish new mechanisms for recording new issuances, under bilateral agreements with the relevant Issuers and/or directly with Depositors.

Documentation required for issuance registration:

  • Prospect or Deed of the dematerialized or physical issuance authorized by the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS), which will contain all data necessary to record the issuance (development tables).
  • Appendix 1, Issuance Paying Agreement: This appendix will contain the new issue and will be signed by agents of the Paying Bank designated by the Issuer to act in DCV. To this end, there must be a Paying Bank for the payment at maturity.
  • Instrument Recording Form: This form is used to provide information on specific issuance data, and is completed by DCV with information from the legal documentation received from the issuer to register the issue in the Central Issuance Register (Prospect and development tables). The form must be signed by one or more qualified Issuer’s agents. This document is used only for dematerialized issuance recording.
  • Underwriter’s authorization for account credit: This form is used to authorize DCV to record dematerialized issues reported by the issuer in an underwriter’s account, identifying the issue and account. This form, duly validated by the prosecutor’s office, serves as a back up for the creation of the authorization in the system and will be signed both by the Underwriter’s agents and the issuer.
  • Copy of the Registration in the Stock Exchange.
  • For instruments issued under the line mode, both the line and individual issuances will be recorded.

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