Charges for Position Account Service Charges

The rates indicated below will be applied to all Ownership and Securities Position Accounts. The Securities Securities Issued and Overdue Securities Accounts are exempt from collection, except as expressly indicated.

For the calculation of the rates that contemplate tranches in its determination, the volumes and / or operations registered in the Own Securities Position Accounts opened in the name of the respective Depositor in consolidated form will be considered as the basis of calculation. The same rule will apply in the case of the Own Securities Position Accounts of Depositors Pension Funds operating under the same RUT.

In the case of Securities Securities Position Accounts, which have the same RUT number of the Mandatory Depositor, the data that serve as the basis for the purposes of charging fees that consider more than one tranche in their determination, will be processed in a consolidated manner.

Internal regulations, title 19, remuneration for services DCV.

The modifications to the aforementioned rates or the calculation methodology will be agreed in the manner indicated in the Internal Regulations of the Company and communicated to the Depositor in the manner indicated in the Contract.