The Inclusion and Financial Education Committee Welcomes a New Member

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The Inclusion and Financial Education Committee, (Mesa de Inclusión y Educación Financiera, MIEF), where Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) is a promoter and member, welcomes a new member.


The new member is the Association of Banks and Financial Entities (ABIF), which joined last August. With this new addition, there are 11 organizations united in this unprecedented project whose purpose is to gather the leaders of financial associations in a committee to work jointly and efficiently on financial education in a challenging context in the country.

Currently, MIEF is comprised of the Association of AFPs, Association of Banks and Financial Entities (ABIF), Association of Investment Funds Administrators (ACAFI), Cajas de Chile, Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) - ESE Business School, Association of Insurance Companies (AACH), Association of Fintech Companies (FinteChile), Mutual Funds Association, Santiago Stock Exchange, Electronic Stock Exchange, and the Central Securities Depository (DCV). This means that the entire financial sector is working together towards the same objective.

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MIEF’s goal is to become an instance where the entire industry can get together and work around financial education, with a sustainable focus in the short and long term, notwithstanding any initiatives that each association determines freely. Similarly, it seeks to deepen the synergies of the different financial market players in these issues by getting to know the initiatives by sector and contributing to the development of joint ideas, broadening the perspective of good experiences, and inviting national and international experts.

To achieve these goals, its members get together every month to share their points of view and work collaboratively. For the second semester of this year, the entity has scheduled, among other activities, financial education courses for college undergraduates and promote the courses’ content.


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