Responsible Tax Agent

The Tax Agent Service provides foreign investors with a new alternative to invest in the Chilean securities market, consolidating the tasks of having a responsible agent and a custodian for their corresponding investments.

Currently, the Internal Revenue Service (SII in Chile) has regulated the activity under Exempt Resolution No. 150 of December 2, 2020.

With this service, DCV, through its subsidiary DCV Asesorías y Servicios, opens a new line of business.

The benefits for foreign investors are related to the important activities that DCV will undertake on their behalf, including the following:

  • Processing and controlling daily transactions from pre-matching processes to settlement in the depository.
  • Calculating taxes and arranging their payment.
  • Monthly and annual statements on behalf of final investors.
  • Reviewing, providing information, and paying taxes associated with the Chilean regulator.
  • Handling the documentation of all the transactions completed by the investors in the country, including invoices, trade tickets, subscription contracts, etc.

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Responsible Tax Agent

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