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DCV News July 2011

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:::Euroclear comes to Chile with DCV


Euroclear Bank opens a world of possibilities for Depositors


:::Mila: This just started and is a long way


With the release of Monday May 30 ends the first stage of labor.


:::Positive balance for Custody Service Mutual Funds


To boost investment in mutual funds local AFP, the Association of Mutual Fund Managers, AAFM and developed a figure DCV allows pension funds to make investments in domestic Mutual Funds rate 2 to 8.


descargarpdf02-1Euroclear comes to Chile with DCV


descargarpdf02-1Mila: This just started and is a long way


descargarpdf02-1Positive balance for Custody Service Mutual Funds

DCV News May 2011

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:::Numerous activities at DCV


In the past two months there have been activities inside and outside DCV.


:::Startup of Forward Contracts Centralized Registry Service


A tool which, besides the savings compared to the current system, offers synergies in terms of security, efficiency and adherence to the best practices of the industry.




descargarpdf02-1Numerous activities at DCV.

descargarpdf02-1Startup of Forward Contracts Centralized Registry Service.


Numerous activities at DCV

DCV News March 2011

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:::DCV launches a new Service of Position Certificates


The DCV informed its depositors that a new Position Certificate Service is available. The new Web application will allow the clients requesting the issuance of these documents for specific amounts of available values that are deposited in their respective position accounts.


:::DCV Activates backup site in USA


Project which places DCV among critical mission companies with the highest standards of security and continuity of operations in the country ends successfully.




descargarpdf02-1 DCV launches a new Service of Position Certificates

descargarpdf02-1 DCV Activates backup site in USA

DCV News January 2011

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:::2010 Users panel closure event


This process, which takes eight months, provides a clear view on users’ satisfaction with the services the institution provides through its web platform.


:::New desing in DCV Web page


DCV presented a new design in its web page at the end of 2010 and with this renewed feature faces the new 2011 challenges.


:::Forward contracts services


LAfter a tripartite work between the Securities Central Depository and the Banks and PFA guilds in 2010, everything is set for the Forward Contract Service to start operating in 2011.




descargarpdf02-1 2010 Users panel closure event.

descargarpdf02-1 New desing in DCV Web page.

descargarpdf02-1 Forward contracts services.

DCV News November 2010

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::: Web migration process


In November, the Central Securities Depository (DCV) will conclude the project of changing the operational platform for its clients. Though this important step provides closure for one of the most emblematic projects of the company, the start of the second phase is expected in 2011, in connection with continuous service improvements. This initiative is framed within the demands of the company to always be at the forefront of technology.


:::Successful test on operational continuity


In its constant desire to adhere to the highest international standards on operational continuity of the business, DCV completed its current Continuity Plan with the Disasters Recovery Plan and Crisis Management.


:::Peru – Chile – Colombia market integration project


Among the new benefits comprised in this initiative is the promotion of complementary interaction between the region’s economies; harmonizing the practices, standards and regulations; moving more investment; increasing instruments supply and broadening the access to capital for businesses.




descargarpdf02-1 Web migration process.

descargarpdf02-1 Successful test on operational continuity.

descargarpdf02-1 Peru – Chile – Colombia market integration project.


Web migration process

DCV News September 2010

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:::DCV executives perform important activities.


In less than two months DCV high executives have participated in a series of activities related to the capital market. In these meetings, the DCV has stood out for its knowledge of the local industry and infrastructure available.


:::Markets Integration


In two important meetings with Chilean and Colombian brokers, the Santiago Stock Exchange and the Securities Central Depository (DCV) exposed the characteristics and advantages that the project of integration of variable income exchange markets between Chile, Peru and Colombia will imply for the local market.


:::DCV and DTCC sign important collaboration agreement


Last 25 August the Securities Central Depository of Chile (DCV) and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation of the United States (DTCC), closed an agreement that strengthens their current relation and which will provide the basis for future strategic collaboration.





descargarpdf02-1 DCV executives perform important activities.

descargarpdf02-1 Markets Integration

descargarpdf02-1 DCV and DTCC sign important collaboration agreement

DCV executives perform important activities.

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