Depósito Central de Valores launches new CSD technology platform to strengthen the financial services ecosystem

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• The collaborative process involved several market infrastructure organizations, authorities, and DCV clients.
• This successful update enables DCV to provide operational improvements and create new future services for the market.
• Technology partnership with Nasdaq underpins the new modernized technology platform.

Dear depositors

Santiago, September 20, 2022 - Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) announced today the successful installment and go-live of its new CSD (Central Securities Depository) technology platform. Launched in August this year, the new system leverages Nasdaq CSD technology, and enables DCV to operate with better performance, speed, and scalability, while providing custody and security settlement services, locally and internationally, as well as  improved services across the Chilean financial ecosystem.

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"The DCV team worked closely with its clients, stock exchanges, clearing and settlement houses, the Central Bank of Chile, industry authorities, and other market infrastructure participants, to bring this significant investment and initiative to fruition. Our technology partnership with Nasdaq provides us with access to cutting-edge technology that will help us develop our market and continuously make new upgrades according to international standards  available to our clients," said Rodrigo Roblero, General Manager of DCV.

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"The launch of the new platform marks a crucial milestone in the technology partnership between our two companies," adds Roland Chai, Executive Vice President and Head of Market Platforms, Nasdaq. "DCV has made significant advancements in its technology infrastructure that will continue to drive its modernization and growth efforts. The deployment of Nasdaq’s CSD  solution incorporates flexible technology features designed to be easily adapted and aligned with international best practices of custody and settlement, as well as with changing market conditions and regulatory requirements.  We look forward to our continued collaboration to support DCV in their endeavors to advance the Chilean financial market," he concludes.

What is DCV?

Depósito Central de Valores is authorized to receive public offer securities, including those issued by the Central Bank of Chile and those issued or guaranteed by the State. Similarly, it facilitates settling transactions with securities in Stock Exchanges and those negotiated through the OTC market. It also manages Shareholders' Registers (transfer agent services) through its subsidiary, DCV Asesorías y Servicios.

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