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Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASLF)

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Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASLF), is a meeting that Citi carries out each year with the purpose of bringing together the participants of the securities market of the entire region and of the world to explore the developments that are changing the custody industry, and the possible implications and effects that these may have on the business.

This instance allows those who comprise the infrastructure of the securities market in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the United States, Canada and Argentina to gather knowledge and years of experience in the industry, especially in custody and settlement operations, in order to find ways to work together, find new opportunities and adapt an approach towards the securities market of the future.

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2019 ASFL and the Chilean Market

The 15th edition of the Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASFL) was held from April 1st to 3rd in Florida, where the most relevant changes, challenges and market updates were discussed, as well as sharing priorities for next year and the major trends that drive the market’s behavior around the world.

In each of the panels, the most important issues that directly or indirectly affect foreign investors were discussed. In the 2019 ASFL edition, Juan Carlos Melys, DCV’s Deputy Commercial Manager, participated in the “Chile - Navigating through the challenges of the Chilean tax regime and looking to the future” panel together with Andrés Araya, Client and Business Manager of the Santiago Stock Exchange, and Vanessa Ringwald, Head of Securities Services at Banco de Chile.

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In this opportunity, some of the projects and priorities of the Chilean market were discussed, for example, the Special Pledge service (electronic guarantees) by DCV, together with the securities lending service of BCS, which were discussed in the panel. Accordingly, the positive aspects and possible connections that could exist between the institutions for delivering services to foreign clients were addressed. “There was great interest by the market for these types of products, since there are service alternatives that complement each other from the start of business to the execution, generating value throughout the chain,” said Melys.

Cybersecurity and technology in the Stock Market

FinTech, Blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud computing, hyper connectivity, privacy and regulation were the principal topics discussed between the actors of the securities market. The Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASFL) addressed these issues and what is expected in the medium term in the industry.

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More information on the Americas Securities Leadership Forum (ASFL) here.

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