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DCV’s collaborators meet virtually to share

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Physical distance has not been an impediment for
the Depósito Central de Valores
(DCV) in maintaining its spirit of unity and its corporate culture.

The initiative, led by Fernando Yáñez, DCV’s General Manager, and the human resources management, has brought together several groups of collaborators in a close and relaxed conversation.

While adapting to the new scenario caused by Covid-19 and by making use of technology, Mr. Yáñez together with Sandra Valenzuela, Human Resources Manager, have joined in virtual meetings called “The value of a coffee”. The invitation arrives a couple of days in advance so that everyone can coordinate their agendas and prepare to spend a distinct moment within their working hours.

“Nuestro objetivo es que el 100% de los colaboradores del DCV puedan participar de esta actividad, que nos permite acercarnos a todos y conocer más de cerca cómo han afrontado estos momentos tan desafiantes, tanto en lo personal como en lo profesional”

During these meetings, the collaborators of the various areas have been able to internalize the guidelines of the Company considering the times we are experiencing. Similarly, they are able to communicate their main concerns and preoccupations on the current situation and talk about how we are experiencing confinement.

The topics that commonly come up in the conversations during the meetings regard balancing work with family, supporting children in their school and university tasks, the experience of those who have been alone at this time and managing working hours and free time.

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Since mid-March, when the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) began with remote work, management has been closely monitoring the status and needs of its collaborators, always focusing on people #CulturaDCV.

So far, 166 of DCV’s collaborators have participated in this initiative.

News Center

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