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Quality of service: inside DCV’s DNA

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heads marzo 2019 03

We are trained to think in quality of service so our clients can perceive the benefits from this effort. This goes beyond a specific measurement, it is a work style that is reflected in determined activities that seek continuous improvement and commitment to doing a good job”, explains Juan Carlos Melys, Commercial Assistant Manager.

To maintain high quality of service standards, DCV has implemented a series of activities aimed at detecting and improving internal quality measurements, in addition to external ones, which provide constant and timely information.

An example of the latter are the services and infrastructure monitoring activities in the IT area where the status and quality of the services are measured, with various indicators, which makes it possible to visualize possible failures in technological components and their impact on services in a timely manner. Thus, allowing action to be taken immediately.

There are also internal quality of service measurements, the way in which we relate to other areas of DCV and DCV Registros is also analyzed, commitment, performance and times, all of which define the way of doing things for our external clients.

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These standards are periodically reported in the Service Quality Level reports that DCV and DCV Registros publish on their website.

In relation to the measurements made to clients, during the month of April the first of the five satisfaction measurements will be made regarding DCV’s services. This year the external company that will carry out the study is Ipsos (Adimark’s surviving company) which will consider an important change because two measurements will be made in parallel using online techniques, and, as in the past, we expect a large participation of all market operators.

It should be noted that, during 2018, the custody, settlement and other complementary services for the securities market, both locally and internationally, were evaluated during 5 different months and by more than 120 clients on each occasion, achieving by the end of the year an average score of 6.4 (where 93% of DCV’s overall evaluation ranged between ratings of 6 and 7).

The measurements also evaluate the quality of service for shareholders who use DCV Registros regarding the three service channels. The challenge for 2019 is high, and as DCV and DCV Registros we will continue working to deliver excellent services that add value to our clients and contribute to the development and modernization of the national securities market.

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