Monitoring of Shareholders, Contributors and Participants

On the occasion of the regulation issued by the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS) by means of Official Circular 700 of October 18, 2011, DCV Registros developed a Shareholders and Contributors Registration Monitoring Service that allows for compliance with the mentioned Circular, and which is comprised of the following activities:

1.- Completing a crossing of the shareholders, principals and beneficiaries’ databases with the lists defined in the aforementioned Official Circular 700 in order to verify that the issuer whose shareholders/contributors registry is administered by DCV Registros, its shareholders, contributors, beneficiaries, principals and registered users (active and inactive) do not present matches regarding the information provided in the databases relating to sanctions against Al-Qaida and the Taliban kept and provided by UNO.

2.- Generate indicators in the Shareholders Registry Administration Service (SARA), and in the event of finding any match, inform the Issuer so that they take any measures deemed necessary.

3.- Update the information on a monthly basis with the closing of the Shareholders or Contributors Registry and/or each time the UNO tables are updated.

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Monitoring of Shareholders, Contributors and Participants

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