Electronic Voting

Reduces the physical or geographic barrier by facilitating voting and thus improves participation in your meetings

The electronic voting service for shareholder meetings and assemblies of contributors allows managing the voting process remotely through a platform that uses blockchain technology, which provides security, trust and traceability of information. What do we offer with this service? .

This service can be contracted by issuers and investment fund administrators with the purpose of supporting the realization of shareholder meetings of sociedades anónimas abiertas or cerradas, assemblies of investment funds for contributors or bondholders, remotely or at distance in the voting processes.

How is the service delivered?

The service is delivered by DCV Registros for all issuers who have previously signed the Adhesion Contract to DCV Registro’s Service.

As for shareholders or agents, they will be able to access the service once they complete the service registration process (accreditation).

The uses and responsibilities are detailed in the Service Description document “Electronic Voting for Shareholder Meetings and Assemblies of Contributors”, which you can review in the documents section.

Benefits of this service

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Electronic Voting

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