#Let'stakecareofwater, a Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness on the Responsible Use of Water

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Facing the severity of the drought we are experiencing in our country is something where we must all work together. That is why DCV launched an awareness-raising campaign to take care of water, targeted at our collaborators

The forecast for this year is for a 60% to 80% drop in rainfall in the entire country, making the scarcity of water a more relevant concern in Chile. According to experts, we are in the middle of the worst water crisis ever recorded, forcing many areas of the country to adopt extreme measures such as water rationing.

At Depósito Central de Valores (DCV), we want to do something about this reality by raising awareness of the use of this resource that has become more scarce and most valued for all of us.

Six years ago, the Huella Verde program was included in the Company's environmental responsibility challenge to promote responsible actions toward the environment. This year, we are promoting a campaign to use water responsibly, both in our offices and in the homes of our collaborators.

The first steps of the campaign are to listen to the ideas and feedback from our collaborators at DCV to implement then actions that allow contributing to taking care of water.

We will be sending practical examples of responsible water use for our collaborators, both at their homes and in the office.

With the slogan #Let'stakecareofwater, we would like to invite you to help in preserving our water resources.

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