The Santiago Stock Exchange, DCV and GTD launch AUNA, the first partnership in latin america for the development of applications with blockchain technology

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The Santiago Stock Exchange, the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) and Gtd today launch AUNA, the first partnership in Latin America that forms a financial ecosystem so that different companies can create, and access solutions based on Blockchain technology.


The members  of AUNA will be able to create, launch and commercialize blockchain applications in days, not months; generate alliances with other companies in the ecosystem; and be known within the wide network of clients of the 3 founding companies. In addition, they will be able to access documentation on how to create blockchain applications and tools for the easy creation of applications based on this technology, as well as for the administration, monitoring and obtaining of statistics.

In this way, the platform will allow them to create new business models based on the elimination of information silos in a secure, robust way and with a seal of quality, granted and supported by its founders, maintaining the privacy of the information that characterizes the financial market, as a solution enabler.

The AUNA presentation will take place today, Wednesday, December 16th, in a webinar at 18:00 hours, and will be broadcast through the website and the LatamTech YouTube channel. It will be led by the Client and Business Manager of the Santiago Stock Exchange, Andrés Araya; the Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager of DCV, Javier Jara; the Strategy and Processes Manager of GTD, Cristián Eyzaguirre; and the CEO of LatamTech, Cristóbal Pereira, who organizes the event as a partner of this consortium.

"AUNA Blockchain is the first initiative of its type in Latin America, and will allow the development and deepening of the financial market in our country, as well as the generation of the best conditions for the securities and financial business, with innovative and world class solutions in an ecosystem supported by rules and standards necessary for the development of applications that generate value for our clients", said Andrés Araya, Client and Business Manager of the Santiago Stock Exchange, and who is in charge of the project on behalf the stock market.

"Innovation is a strategic pillar for DCV. Generating new services and products to strengthen the Chilean capital market is part of our daily work. This alliance puts us at the forefront of the region, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity for growth and value creation for all", explained Javier Jara, Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager of DCV.

Cristián Eyzaguirre, Strategy and Process Manager at Gtd, commented that "as Gtd we are happy to be part of this alliance and contribute our capacity and infrastructure to support and enhance the digital transformation of our clients. We believe that this Blockchain platform is an excellent opportunity to motivate both consolidated companies in the financial world and entrepreneurs to generate new innovative business models based on new technologies that add value and revolutionize the financial world".

AUNA uses the technological base designed and constituted by the Santiago Stock Exchange, which has been working since 2018 and which is used by the securities lending application based on the Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric of the Linux Foundation. In turn, during 2020, and in the context of the COVID pandemic, the remote voting platform was launched, and which was also based on this technology, Click & Vote.

After its launch, companies or potential members interested in the initiative will be able to access demos or manage the subsequent enabling of a test environment by previously requesting to be an ecosystem partner. After this period, which will last until February 2021, a production phase will begin, where development companies and end customers can meet and officially begin the commercialization of the applications.

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The Santiago Stock Exchange is the principal stock market in the country. It has various markets, which currently trade on average more than US$2 billion a day in shares, fixed income instruments, financial intermediation securities, fund units and foreign securities. During the last decade, in addition to having an impact at the local level, it has managed to become a focus of interest for global investors and has prioritized the offer of new financial instruments, such as the creation of tradable funds or ETFs and has opened to markets related to Derivatives, Venture and Green and Social Bonds.

Its strategic focus is to develop the capital market in a sustainable and responsible way, providing business opportunities for local and foreign intermediaries, issuers, and investors, and allowing intermediaries and clients to trade financial instruments on reliable and transparent platforms, with the highest technological and efficiency standards.

The Santiago Stock Exchange is part of the Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano, MILA, and a member of various international stock market organizations, such as the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the Federación Iberoamericana de Bolsas (FIAB) and the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE), in addition to having international ISO 22301 and ISO/IEC 22001 certifications under the British Standards Institute. For more information visit


The Depósito Central de Valores ,DCV, is the only custodian of securities in Chile and a key element for the operation of the national financial market. It is a sociedad anónima incorporated in accordance with Law 18,876, its regulations and the instructions issued by the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF). DCV is authorized to receive in deposit public offering securities, securities issued by banks or by the Central Bank of Chile and those issued or guaranteed by the State. Likewise, it may receive in deposit other goods, documents and contracts authorized by the Commission.

In this way, it electronically processes and records the transfer operations carried out in the stock exchanges and in the over-the-counter market; it additionally coordinates and supplies the information necessary for the financial settlement of the operations.

In recent years, the company has had a strong commitment to innovation and technology, which marked DCV's roadmap. This new approach has been evidenced, for example, in the transformation of its technological infrastructure and the commitment to new business areas.

As of November, the total balance of the custody deposited at DCV amounted to US$337.3 billion


Gtd is a telecommunications and IT services company with more than 40 years of experience present in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Spain. It is an international provider, which seeks to deliver the best Gtd service experience in the distinct countries where it operates.

Since its creation, it has had the challenge of growing with and together with its clients, investing in networks, infrastructure and operating the best services with teams made up by professionals of excellence.

Today Gtd has 18,000 m² of a Tier III Data Center, 45,000 km of Fiber Optic networks, more than 250,000 residential clients, more than 25,000 business clients, and 2,800 employees. Thus, creating a large NETWORK, i.e., a new digital ecosystem in Latin America. It seeks being a closer, and digitally reliable company thanks to technology, and with the commitment to renew, integrate and transform the knowledge acquired in these 40 years into responses that generate value and the best experience in telecommunications and IT services.

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