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CONAI 2019: Future challenges of Internal Audit

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The National Internal Audit Congress (CONAI) is a great event organized by the Institute of Internal Audit and Corporate Governance of Chile that brings together directors, comptrollers and auditors of companies in various presentations and plenary sessions to address the challenges and latest trends in internal audit.

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The seventh edition of CONAI, which was sponsored by DCV, was held on June 4th in Santiago and its principal theme was “Internal Audit: future challenges”. In this context, the presentations and the national and international participants focused on the digital and technological revolution, and its impact on internal audit.

CONAI 2019 brought together leading international speakers, such as Naohiro Mouri, Chairman of IIA Global; Paul Sobel, Chairman of COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) and Tina Rosenfeld, company director.

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From Chile, Mirle Maciel participated, Risk and Transformation Operational Director of Deloitte; and Carolina Pizarro, communications consultant in cybersecurity of the Government of Chile. On behalf of DCV, José Vargas, Head of Operational Audit; Cristina Cid, Operational Auditor; Jocelyn Galindo, IT Auditor; and Jaime Fernández, Controller and Compliance Manager.

The future challenges of internal audit

The technological revolution was unleashed with the arrival of Blockchain; thus, digital transformation means a great challenge for companies. Accordingly, internal audit (understood as a supervising activity that add value and improves the operations of an organization) is not exempt from these changes. That is why the plenary sessions of CONAI 2019 revolved around the new skills that an internal auditor must develop regarding digital transformation, agile processes, risk management 4.0, cybersecurity, innovation, artificial intelligence and new practices relevant to internal auditing. These challenges require a paradigm shift which involves migrating from the traditional audit practices to a continuous and innovative way of auditing.

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At DCV we constantly support initiatives that allow us to keep up with the latest trends and best practices globally. This year, as part of our commitment, we have once again sponsored the CONAI and we have had the privilege of having top-level speakers, such as Paul Sobel, who presented the transformation of the mythical COSO cube into the DNA of the internal control of organizations”. Jaime Fernández, DCV’s Comptroller and Compliance Manager.

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