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Laying the ground for innovation in the DCV

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The innovation factor is critical on the future evolution of companies and is set based on the skills of the people. In this sense, the perspective of business management must respond to new learning and training systems adding value in the work process to streamline innovation processes.

Within the framework of DCV’s transformation process of developing new businesses, the Company has assumed several commitments and challenges that allow for creating and implementing different innovation strategies aimed at business growth, actively involving people as the cornerstone of Innovation Management.

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Mentoring as a process of the management of innovation

For the transition of knowledge and innovative thinking within the organization, the first mentoring session was held with our collaborators, whose objective was to introduce and prepare the next innovation workshops, reviewing in detail what innovation means within DCV, its scope and objectives. On this occasion, needs of the market were also analyzed, and the regulatory scenario of business continuity was addressed, always from DCV’s perspective of innovation.

Creative workshops for new business proposals

To successfully evolve towards a culture of innovation several tools are required, which is why DCV has carried out important activities involving its employees with the aim of raising ideas and encouraging multidisciplinary teamwork.

One of these activities is the innovative creative workshops, carried out with the support of ThinkX, experts in the development of productive thinking for organizations, where employees from all DCV areas met to generate integrated proposals that may be developed and become new businesses.

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These activities aim to promote innovation within DCV as a successful tool that adds value to the business and generates opportunities through the development of new products and services, enhancing collaborative work among multidisciplinary teams. “We invited a group whose profile would contribute to a sufficiently solid debate and discussion, also considering experienced collaborators, people who are knowledgeable about DCV’s culture, and new ones who have just joined the Company”, explained Klaus Hochstetter, Deputy Manager of New Businesses for DCV.

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In these workshops the participants worked in rotating and multidisciplinary groups under the guidance of a consultant with a methodology of divergence - convergence around trending topics for the coming years and of impact for DCV and society. The result: six adjacent innovation initiatives that will be evaluated by the new businesses team to enter as inputs of the “innovation pipeline”.

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