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DCV Implements a Training and Development Platform

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The platform is called Ubits, the online competencies
development platform with wide access to different
personal and professional training courses.


Depósito Central de Valores has recently launched Ubits with the strong commitment of constantly improving the quality the services offered. An innovative comprehensive training and development platform in which collaborators can access more than 10,000 contents related to soft skills, business, technology, and language.

"The implementation of Ubits is a great opportunity for the entire team. It is a strong and flexible digital tool that allows to design, implement, and measure our collaborators' learning experience and provides the opportunity to develop new skills and competencies. All of this in different study formats such as courses, speeches, podcasts, books, case studies, among others," said Víctor Cortéz, Head of Collaborators' Experience of the People and Culture Management of Depósito Central de Valores.

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The platform also offers a series of key functionalities for training development and follow-up. First, it facilitates the creation of strategies through plans that include online training diagnoses and competencies mapping. Second, it allows to execute these plans, providing a customized learning experience through Ubits Learn and Ubits LMS, making it possible to measure results and contributing to optimize participation through workshops and events.

This investment in talent development "is vital for the Company because it promotes our employees' personal and professional growth which, in turn, makes the entire organization stronger," says the Head of Collaborators' Experience.

The initiative promoted by the People and Culture Management reflects the strong commitment of the Company to the growth and excellency of its collaborators. Providing continuous access to learning and development resources promotes a proper environment for innovation and continuous improvement.



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