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New offices for delivering a better service

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The new offices located in the district of providencia will group the teams of DCV Registros plus the custody and the comptroller and human resources management.

The teams of the Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) that are located in the traditional offices of downtown Santiago (Huérfanos 770) will be changed to modern facilities located in the Torre Santa María (Av. Los Conquistadores 1730, District of Providencia). In total, there are two floors that will house the affiliate, DCV Registros, plus the custody and the comptroller and human resources management.

The move, says Claudio Garín, DCV’s operations and services manager, also implies the closing of the vault, where the physical certificates have been kept by DCV since its creation in 1994. “The current instruments will be transferred to the new offices along with the Dipreca and Capredena Bonds, while the expired and physical assets will be taken properly guarded to a new exclusive warehouse. The future of the vault is under analysis”, says the executive.

Regarding the work teams, the manager explains that a large part of the organizational structure of management will be integrated in the same location.

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Sandra Valenzuela, DCV’s Human Resources Manager, adds that the new offices have been designed with the purpose of facilitating collaborative work and under the wellness concept. “We will have multiple spaces to work, areas for posture change, ergonomic furniture, spaces that allow concentration and privacy, promoting the health and well-being of our employees,” she explains.

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The building where the new facilities are located, has public parking for customer service and has the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, which measures among other things, the efficient use of energy and water, the correct use of materials, waste management in construction and the quality of the interior environment in buildings, all of which are attributes that DCV cares about.

We hope that the change will translate into greater efficiency for our processes, reduction of time and greater motivation in our teams, which will undoubtedly provide us opportunities to continue growing as a company,” concluded Claudio Garín.

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