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Innovation and technology: DCV’s roadmap

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strong commitment to innovation and technology will mark the Depósito Central de Valores’ roadmap for the coming years. Since 2018, DCV has been living an important transformation due to a profound change to its technological infrastructure along with the creation of a New Businesses management area.

DCV Evolution -as we have called the change process that is culminating due to the acquisition of new technological infrastructure-, will allow to elevate the security standards even more, thus allowing a better service. The preceding is born from the alliance that the DCV has with Nasdaq, who is the provider of the new software that will host the core business: the custody of securities. This project is being led by the IT and Finance Planning Manager, Rodrigo Roblero, and involves the entire organization.

Additionally, at the end of last year, the Commercial and New Businesses Management area was created and whose focus is developing new products and services that imply an extension of DCV’s activities beyond its traditional line of business. The preceding, without neglecting the constant and systematic search for improvements to the current business.

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This new management has the great challenge of generating new businesses for DCV. Particularly, services that can add value to the current business and to clients; activities that complete the line of business and that can be leveraged to new innovation and technology infrastructures, or new developments in the digital world. With this focus, since the end of 2018, DCV has been focused on developing and seeking potential alliances with third parties (with the goal of growing) through the implementation of an innovation method. The foregoing with the purpose of extending its range of service beyond what has traditionally been its first 25 years of existence. To strengthen this new area, since last January, Klaus Hochstetter joined the company as Assistant Manager of this unit.

Likewise, in order to develop more businesses and strengthen this new innovation and technology area, it is expected that in the short term the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) will approve the creation of a new affiliate, where new services and future products will be housed.

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