Liens, pledges and their lifting. Remote notices. - DCVR

Dear Issuers,

DCV Registros informs on the measures that have been adopted in a necessary and timely manner in order to face the impacts generated by the unfolding activities performed by people and institutions in relation the health state of emergency. This, in order to allow the proper operation of business during the period of the emergency.

As preventive measures, we inform that the legal notices of liens and their lifting will be received and registered under the following scenarios.

1.- In person notices

a). - The legal deed or resolution in which it is requested to register a lien, pledge or their lifting, and the relevant notice or stamp, must be issued with an advanced electronic signature (FEA). This, since both the judiciary and notaries operate with the FEA, according to a general provision issued by the Supreme Court in 2006 and other relevant ones.

Both documents must be electronic and cannot be scanned, in order to verify its validity with the OCSP response or CRL contained in the same document. If this answer is not valid (green), the notice will be rejected.

b) .- The notification must be sent before 1:00 p.m., to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if later, it will be registered as income the next business day in our systems, and the notary or receiver. The notice must be sent from the emails of the notaries registered on https://www.notariosyconservadores.cl or, they must be at a minimum, copied..

c).- Emails must contain the complete information of the parties, including their emails and that of the lawyer who requested the processing.

Razón socual o nombre acreedor, Rut Correo electrónico Dato abogado y mail
azón socual o nombre deudor, Rut Correo electrónico Dato abogado y mail


If the legal notice cannot be performed, or if it is deemed that the validity or legal force of the lien or judicial measure may be affected, or if you wish to protect your workers by avoiding their movement, it is suggested that they register the securities into custodian accounts that belong to DCV's depositors (who have adhered to the Special Pledge service of Article 14 Bis of Law 18,876 or to the Electronic Pledge Registry service). The preceding in order to be able to establish and register them through said means.

The Electronic Pledge Registry service allows (pursuant to Law 18,876) the electronic notice of pledges without conveyance (law 20,190), commercial pledges (Article 813 et seq. of the Code of Commerce), and pledges on transferable securities (Law 4,287). The same for instruments included in Law 18,092 and Law 18,852, which allows their electronic notification, without the need for a physical certificate according to Law 18,876.

d).- In case of requiring physical certificates, the issuer must be able to sign the share certificates (which must be previously printed) to be able to establish the pledge. In this regard, issuers must beforehand consult us on whether they can carry out these tasks, as well as the delivery term of said certificates.

Our challenge is to adapt to the needs of our shareholders and issuers in this time of contingency, which is why it is necessary to together generate the instances to continue with daily operations.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, before any exceptional case, it is suggested informing

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Without further ado, sincerely,