ANNA Appoints a New Board Member and Re-elects Euroclear and DCV

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DCV Asesorías y Servicios, the subsidiary of
Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) will continue
in its role as the National Numbering Agency.

Zajac, Director of the Trade Repository Department at Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych (KDPW), the Central Securities Depository of Poland (CSD of Poland), is an expert in regulatory reporting and supervises the issuance of ISIN, CFI and FISN codes for KDPW as the Polish National Numbering Agency (NNA).

The ISIN code based on the ISO standard has become the recognized global standard for the unique identification of all types of financial and referential instruments, helping to connect and protect global markets. The Association of National Numbering Agencies collaborates with other standards bodies and industries to continuously develop and promote standards in line with industry needs and market evolution, such as with the emergence of digital assets.

The association also re-elected Euroclear, represented by Dan Kuhnel and DCV Asesorías y Servicios, represented by Claudio Garín. Beginning July 1, 2021, the subsidiary of Depósito Central de Valores (Chile), DCVAS, will continue in the role of the national numbering agency designated by ANNA. DCV was in charge of this activity until the mentioned date.

As part of the reorganization, the Central Securities Depository of Jordan, represented by Sarah Tarawneh, will leave the Board of ANNA after a period of three years.

Emma Kalliomaki, General Director of ANNA, explains that ANNA plays a crucial role in helping participants in the market address their regulatory obligations and the standardization challenges as the market continues evolving.

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“The industry needs to work together to find ways to mutualize the areas where we can all benefit, and the ANNA board ensures this is at the core of the association. Slawomir Zajac is joining the board at the perfect time to help lead a collaborative approach.”

Emma Kalliomaki, General Director of ANNA

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