Rodrigo Roblero, DCV’s Finance and IT Planning Manager: DCV Evolution: “We are in the training and education stage”


Fernando Yañez Gerente General DCV

This initiative, which is being carried out in a strategic alliance with Nasdaq, was born in order to participate in the new challenges that are arising in the capital market and in the industry in general, and which involves the development of the new platform that will support all DCV’s core services. Rodrigo Roblero, DCV’s Finance and IT Planning Manager, provides us details in this interview.

1.- In what stage do we find the DCVe project?

In recent months we have started the evaluation and acceptance stage of the change requests required from Nasdaq. Accordingly, each of them is aimed at completing the customization of the new platform pursuant to the requirements of the Chilean market. Likewise, we have taken important steps in the transformation process of DCV’s internal processes, which, as we have already mentioned to our participants, are aimed at adapting our operation to the new platform and strengthening its security. With these advances, once the familiarization process has been carried out, we will begin the process of preparing all the elements for market training, which is a relevant process to put DCV’s new platform into production.

2.- What does this new stage consist of?

This new stage is key since it aims to teach and train all users in the use of the new platform. For the success of the production process, it is absolutely necessary that all depositors be able to receive and participate in the training process under the proposed model; this implies having available capacity for 100% of our clients’ collaborators who daily interact with DCV’s services. This, in order to train them and inform them of the improvements in the user interface and of the new functionalities that have been implemented in this transformation process.

3.- Considering the new scenario characterized by COVID-19, how has it impacted the schedule of this process?

he pandemic has affected us all. And the DCVe project is no exception. Certainly, we have had to adapt the training format, going from an on-site to a virtual one. We have had a very good participation and attendance for the meetings that were held on June 9th and 11th, where we presented the training strategy to each of our clients’ collaborators. We want to ensure that we are making the best effort in order that the experience of each of them is of quality and beneficial for the operation of the new system. As we have mentioned, training is essential for a successful transition to production. Within this effort, the training devices have been reformulated, thus, developing virtual meetings for each of the functional modules, where the relevant documentation will be available and enabled to repeat them if required.

Tal como mencionamos en nuestras sesiones con el mercado, creemos que desarrollar un buen proceso de capacitación es fundamental para que el proceso de paso a producción sea exitoso. Por esta razón, estamos evaluando las fechas para el inicio de esta actividad, la que será prontamente informada al mercado.

4.- How do you visualize DCVe’s “day zero”?

It will be the culmination of years of work. Currently there are more than 60 people from DCV who are exclusively dedicated to this project, but I dare say that the entirety of DCV is also committed. Day zero will be challenging. We will require the collaboration of each of the market participants. It will be a very critical day; we will establish efficient communication channels before any doubt or problem arises that day, and we will implement a business continuity plan.

On the other hand, we will begin a coordination stage with the different infrastructure companies, which must be fully coordinated with the step-by-step of the stages prior to day zero and during that day. It should be noted that following day zero, we will also strengthen the customer service channels for our participants, since adaptation to the new platform requires different types of support and adaptation times by our clients. Each of these stages will be informed to the market in a timely manner..

5.- For those who still have doubts about DCVe, where can they be informed?

Communication has been key in this entire process. We have open channels to receive comments and questions. On our website there is a special repository with all the material that we have been collecting, which is found in DCV Evolution’s menu on the home page. Likewise, it should be noted that in the familiarization process, each of our participants was introduced to the account executive who will accompany them in the experience of knowing and using DCV’s new platform (with whom they can contact directly). Finally, the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is available where they can always write us with any questions. I invite everyone to learn more and to stay tuned to the communications that we will be publishing on this important market modernization process.

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