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DCV and the Product Exchange implement a new service focused on SMEs and institutional investors

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During the months of July and August both entities were in a trial period, making the final necessary adjustments to offer it publicly.

The Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) and the Chilean Products Exchange (BPC) informed regarding a new service made available to the financial market. It regards the custody and settlement of invoice certificates; it involves a mechanism that allows the expansion of the financing options of SMEs that turn for help to the BPC and looks to increase investment alternatives for those investors that have their deposits at DCV.

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“We have worked for a long time with the BPC to enable invoice certificates to be registered in the custody systems of DCV, thus, enabling investors to access them under the security and efficiency parameters offered by our company”, Javier Jara Traub, explained, Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager of DCV.

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“The invoices custodied in the BPC and electronically held at DCV will allow these investors to access a series of legal guarantees of the product exchange and to the security and operations environment that DCV currently offers. This is a particularly key step for the entry of pension funds to the product market through invoices”, said Christopher Bosler Braun, General Manager of BPC”.

The negotiation and settlement of invoices will be carried out at the BPC, according to the procedures established in its regulations and current legislation, and the same will manage with the respective counterparts if the invoices must have certificates and must be custodied at DCV.

This new service will contribute to the development and deepening of the investment alternatives available to the Chilean market. In addition, it is a good opportunity for those investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and, above all, for SMEs seeking financing in the securities market of invoices (delivered by the BPC).

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