DCV actively participated in the preparation of proposals regarding Fintech regulation


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DCV was invited by the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) to participate in the proposal preparation process regarding future Fintech regulation. The challenge was addressed in group sessions during the final months of 2018, with the purpose of commenting on how a regulatory framework for companies in the Fintech market could be developed.

The work meetings that were held at CMF’s offices permitted the gathering of opinions and comments from various actors of the economic world on collective financing or crowdfunding platforms and the Fintech market (in general).

In total there were 72 people linked to the financial world who participated in this process, which was carried out between November and December. Javier Jara, Commercial and New Businesses Manager, represented the Depósito Central de Valores. “As DCV, and personally, we are very pleased to have participated and contributed to the consultative working groups organized by the CMF. We hope that the relevant authorities can move forward by preparing a legislative document, taking into consideration this first formal document of what should be the raw material for preparing legislation related to the crowdfunding world (in a context that regards Fintech regulation)”, explained Jara.

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n this same line, Jara added that DCV will be attentive regarding the alternatives that this future legal framework may offer.

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