DCV goes a step further in strengthening its corporate integrity


Domingo Eyzaguirre Secretario del directorio del DCV y coordinador general de integridad

The Depósito Central de Valores decided to go one step further in strengthening its corporate integrity. For 10 years there has been a Corporate Integrity group focused on employees, who have a channel on the company’s intranet for queries and complaints, which is being managed by an external company in order to guarantee confidentiality. But from today this same mechanism is available on the company’s website, so that any client or provider can use this channel if they consider it necessary.

We function as the financial system’s great back office, so our work is key,” says Domingo Eyzaguirre, DCV’S Board Secretary and General Integrity Coordinator, who is leading this initiative.

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The corporate integrity program originated more than a decade ago, where it started initially with a physical mailbox. However, for three years now and with an external company’s advice, Gestión Social, the system was modernized and was established in the intranet.

Depending on the nature of the query or complaint, there are different mechanisms, being able to reach a higher-level ethics committee, which can adopt drastic measures.

Currently, there are 4 integrity coordinators, two DCV employees and two of DCV Registros, plus Eyzaguirre. During 2018 there were a total of 3 queries and complaints.

We invite all our clients or suppliers to visit the section on the DCV at www.dcv.cl, which is found at the top of the webpage, so you can become familiar with this mechanism, which helps us improve our work and advance in transparency.

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