Charges for Forward Contracts Services


For the provision of the services of Centralized Registry of Forward Contracts, “the Depositor” will pay DCV the fees detailed in the Title “Remuneration for Services”, which are detailed in the Internal Regulations.

The DCV has developed a service that will allow the Depositors to electronically register Forward contracts concluded under the General Conditions of Derivative Contracts and electronically signed through the use of advanced digital signature according to Law 19.799, as well as obtain information regarding registered contracts, send reports to regulators and deliver all other information that the service provides according to the conditions and particularities indicated in the document called "Operational Manual Central Registry of Contracts of Forward-DCV".

Internal regulation, title 22, of the remuneration of services (Spanish only)

The modifications to the aforementioned rates or the calculation methodology will be agreed in the manner indicated in the Internal Regulations of the Company and communicated to the Depositor in the manner indicated in the Contract.