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FAQ´s-DCV Evolution

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12. Have changes been defined in the forms that are currently used in some operational processes?

Some of the business processes will change, so the forms associated with them could also change. This information will be communicated in a timely manner to the participants.

13. Will the Forward service be part of the new platform?

The Forward Service is not part of the new platform. It will retain its current operation.

14. Will the connection of each user continue to be associated with the IP address informed by the respective participant?

Yes, within the company’s security policies, IP control is something that cannot be waived.

15. Will there be reference manuals for the new platform?

Yes, DCV will provide the necessary devices for the training and training process of the different users.

16. Will the BRAA service be part of the new platform?

No, the BRAA Service has recently been re-launched with new features. This service is not part of the new platform.

17. How will you have access to the historical information of the participants?

In the new platform, users will have access to 14 months’ information online. However, DCV will have a new service called “Historical Information” where users can consult information with a greater age.

18. Does this integration imply improvement in servers and DCV’s responsiveness to incidents?

Since its creation, DCV has had contingency mechanisms to ensure business continuity. The new platform, like the current one, will have all the mechanisms to ensure, at least, the same current standards.

19. Is the role of the security administrator going to be maintained?

The role of the security administrator who is responsible for assigning the roles and privileges of different users is maintained.

20. Is there a double supervision mechanism?

Yes, the entire new application has functional segregation mechanisms based on 4 and 6 eyes, that is, registration, approval and supervision steps, if necessary.

21. Are you going to enable a test environment?

Yes, a special training and testing environment will be enabled to carry out market tests and training processes.

22. Will the start of the new system be one by one or all together?

The production startup plan is under way and will be communicated in a timely manner. However, we can anticipate that the concurrance of all participants will be necessary.

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