FAQ´s-DCV Evolution


1. Will you be able to make monthly, historical consultations?

Yes, the new platform will contain 14-months of information online. Similarly, participants will have access to a historical data consultation service.

2. Will DCV Registros be part of the new platform?

No, the services related to DCV Registros is not contemplated in this new platform.

3. How will international custody operations be entered?

The international custody service includes many new and automated processes, which will facilitate the operation of this service. More details of this service will be announced in due course.

4. Is the automation of the transfer and withdrawal process considered (which currently is manual)?

It is not automated in this phase.

5. Does the new system consider a warning/report when payment does not occur in a capital event?

All corporate events can be viewed by users who have access to this functionality.

6. Will the user be able to select the language to be used in the respective log in (for example, Spanish/English)?

The system allows users to access different languages. By default, the new platform will be set to Spanish.

7. Can you configure limits or restrictions in this platform?

In terms of managing roles and responsibilities, the platform can be configured to require the supervision of operations, either with the 4 or 6-eye method, in order to provide the operation greater robustness.

8. Will the same advanced electronic signature be used to operate?

The solution to allow non-repudiation of operations and access to the platform will be modified by RSA technology, which is widely used in the financial system. On the other hand, documents that require the advanced electronic signature will continue to be signed.

9. Will the format of automatic reports change?

The report structure will be maintained for most of them, although some may undergo modifications. However, all files that are consumed by our clients’ systems will maintain their structure and format.

10. How will the system of permissions and privileges be?

The system of profiles and privileges will regard accounts, where each of the users will be able to access the accounts and functions granted by the security administrator of their company.

11. Does the new platform consider delivering valued positions?

Internationally, securities depositories handle positions, with valuation being a component that is not part of their service in a natural way. However, valuation concepts will be used for some of the functionalities.

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