DCV Evolution - Description


descripcion dcve ing

The DCV Evolution project was born in order to participate in the new challenges that arise in the capital market and in the industry in general. Technological changes and the growing needs of the market make it necessary for us to be able to respond with greater agility and with increasingly sophisticated products and services of the highest quality.

While respecting our mission and vision, DCV has the need to look to the future under a distinct paradigm and prepare the company for new challenges such as new business models, the transformation of the financial system, greater regulation, etc. As a consequence, the infrastructure of all the company’s resources must be transformed for the new Nasdaq challenge, which has been selected as a strategic partner for developing the new platform that will support all DCV’s core services.

To carry out the transformation, the following guidelines have been established, which will guide the entire project, from the definition to the implementation of the new service platform:

icodcve01 Minimum impact on our clients. This means that all non-visual interfaces should not be modified, so as not to affect the interaction with our counterparties. However, the user interface will be modified, with the purpose of achieving substantial improvements in the user experience.
icodcve02 DCV will adapt its productive and operational processes, in order to have a scalable solution in the future. Therefore, being able to take full advantage of the benefits of a World Class solution for the Chilean market and achieve greater synergy with our strategic partner.
icodcve03 Constant and timely information. The development and implementation process are highly critical, so we must keep our participants informed of each of the project’s stages. Likewise, involve them early so that the production startup process has the maximum preparation of the market.
icodcve04 This transformation will affect the entire market and we must move forward together. The implementation process considers collaborative work with each of DCV’s participants.


img dcve01 Modernization of the systems linked to the custody and securities settlement service, incorporating the best international practices; performance, scalability, redundancy, resilience, among others.
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img dcve02 Access to world-class technologies with regards to the securities depository industry.
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img dcve03 Introduce the vision of a relevant participant in the global financial industry, with access to the ongoing renewal of services for the Chilean market.
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img dcve04 Agility and simplicity to access information.
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img dcve05 More simplified processes.
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img dcve06 A new and better user experience.

The new platform incorporates technology designed to meet the operational and information needs of our clients while maintaining continuity and security as fundamental pillars. Thus, DCV Evolution, ensures the correct transition to new services.

We are transforming ourselves.