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At DCV we have developed our operations in an efficient manner, focusing on satisfying market demands with risk-based operational management, improving the experience of our users and incorporating the best practices of the industry.

The DCV Evolution project, which we are implementing in a strategic alliance with Nasdaq, considers the transformation of our core platform and contributes to the great purpose of modernizing the custody services of DCV. With the initiation of DCV Evolution we prepare ourselves to tackle new business models and a demanding and challenging regulation to continue contributing to the Chilean securities market.


Familiarization with clients

“We are aware of the expectation generated by any transformation process. Accordingly, at DCV we have decided to begin a familiarization stage prior to the formal training. The preceding with the purpose of bringing users of the current system to what will be the new platform, inform them regarding the work plan, the principal activities related to the project and receive all the queries and concerns of our clients.

“DCV Evolution is a challenge that we started with our strategic partner Nasdaq, and whose implementation can only be successfully achieved with the collaboration of all the participants of the financial market,” explained Juan Carlos Melys, DCV’s Commercial Deputy Manager. In this familiarization stage, clients can see the progress of the system, understand the scope and its usability. Subsequently, by 2020, DCV expects to continue with the training and setup stage of the new platform.


The commitment and participation of clients is key. “To date we have had good feedback from our clients; they are very willing to participate. Our commitment is to accompany them throughout the familiarization and training process, so we can all be prepared before DCV’s new services begin to operate”, added Melys.


The new platform incorporates technology designed to cover the operational and information needs of our clients. With its implementation, we will be able to respond in a more agile way to the challenges imposed by the market, incorporating the best international practices and favoring the security of operations and the efficiency of our operational management with high quality and security standards. The implementation strategy is designed to generate a minimum impact and maximum benefits for our clients, incorporating simpler processes and a better user experience. DCV’s Evolution project ensures the correct transition towards new services, opens doors and challenges us for the future.


We appreciate already the good reception and the willingness to collaborate. For more information on DCV and DCV Evolution visit dcv.cl and follow us on our LinkedIn page.

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