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In its 25 years of history, this project is one of DCV’s most important initiatives. Consequently, to begin transforming the Company’s “core” platform, called “DCV Evolution”, a meeting was held with representatives of various participant institutions, who were able to learn on the developments that these changes will bring about. This initiative will be carried out in collaboration with Nasdaq, one of the main technology suppliers worldwide.

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In this launch event, DCV’s Planning, Finance and IT manager, Rodrigo Roblero, explained that the DCV Evolution project will generate benefits not only for the Company, but for the entire capital market, by adopting technology with high quality and security standards.


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he added. “The initiative, he said, will last approximately 2 years, a period in which various interaction instances with users will be implemented to validate, receive comments, suggestions, carry out trainings, among others.


Before initiating this change, the DCV made changes to its organizational structure, appointing an exclusive team of top-level professionals aimed at implementing the project, “without prejudice of everyone being involved in this project’s success,” noted Sandra Valenzuela, the Company’s Human Resources Manager. She then went on to detail how the organization has prepared for the start of DCV Evolution, from the training carried out to building a common purpose: “we have to achieve a better version of what exists today”.

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Claudio Garín, DCV’s Operations and Service Manager, explained the role that representatives of various participant institutions -or ambassadors- will take for the project to succeed:

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For this, several communication channels were defined: a special mail box (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and a special section on the corporate website for 2019, where the answers to the questions that arise will be available for the entire market, in the process of implementing and testing DCV Evolution.

Finally, Edith Seguel, Assistant Project Manager, showed the first version of DCV’s new platform and its functionalities. This first version is called Beta 0 and constitutes the first approach to the new work environment, to which DCV will apply all the changes it plans on carrying out. At the end of November, there will be a second version that will include the first requested adaptations. We invite you, then, to stay informed and to participate in the instances that DCV continues communicating. You can review the presentation FROM HERE.

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For more information on the DCV, visit www.dcv.cl and our LinkedIn

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