Vision, Mission and Values




Being a highly efficient institution with an excellent quality of service as well as leader in the development and innovation of services for the capital market, both locally and internationally.




Providing custody, settlement and other complementary services infrastructure for the securities market, both locally and internationally, meeting the highest standards of security, availability, efficiency and quality.




Commitment: Our challenge is to achieve the vision and mission of our company, each in his/her own functions, with the best disposition and effort.

Respect: We recognize the value of all people and the individual contribution of each person, reflecting cordiality and openness in our actions.

Ethics: We act in a righteous and honest manner, always trying to be consistent with our statements and actions.

Excellence: We put our maximum effort to deliver the highest quality in all our services and activities.

Responsibility: We fulfill our obligations with a high sense of duty and professionalism, acting in a serious and consistent manner.