Corporate information


Corporate Name:   Depósito Central de Valores S.A., Depósito de Valores
Trade Name:   DCV
Legal Domicile:   Av. Apoquindo N° 4001, Piso 12, Las Condes, Santiago
Taxpayer ID Number:   96.666.140-2
External Auditors:   KPMG
Phones:   223-939-000 (Central Help Desk)
223-939-001 Depositors Services(MAC)
223-939-000 Management
Fáx:   223-939-015 Management
223-939-039 Administration
223-939-039 Technology and Systems



Corporate Name:   DCV Registros S.A.
Trade Name:   DCV Registros
Legal Domicile:   Huérfanos 770, Piso 22, Santiago Centro, Santiago
Taxpayer ID Number:   96.964.310-3
External Auditors:   KPMG
Phones:   223-939-003 (Central Help Desk)
223-939-003 Shareholder support Huérfanos 770, Piso 22
223-939-003 Attention Stock Brokers
Fáx:   223-939-119 Register of Shareholders
223-939-319 Administration
223-939-039 Technology and Systems