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Description-Register Shareholders & Participants

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The securties market requires the integrated administration of shareholders’ registries, in one single company. The main objective is that this is performed in an expedient way, diminishing risks, operational costs, as well as speeding up the stock market operations.  

The line of business “Administration of Registries” was created to satisfy the need to administer the shareholders’ registries of corporations, relieving them from specialized work foreign to their activity, which allows them to reintegrate productive capacities into their respective business areas.


  • Transfers of shares and IFC
  • Issuance and administration of securities.
  • Payment of dividends and payments to Cuerpo de Bomberos de Chile (Chilean Firefighters Association)
  • Updating of the information provided by investors.
  • Issuance of the information in respect to tax.
  • Registration of encumbrances and prohibitions.
  • Study of legal documentation and issuance of the corresponding juridical reports. 

Moreover, it considers the eventual provision of services such as:

  • Issuance of shares and preferential offers.
  • Performance of shareholders’ meetings.
  • Exchange of shares, right to withdraw, auction of shares, business mergers and public offer to purchase shares.
  • It also considers the issuance and delivery of information that must be periodically provided to issuing companies, Superintendence of Securities and Insurance, stock exchanges and other controlling entities, in conformity with the legal, regulatory and administrative provisions in force. 

Benefits when operating with DCV Registros



  • We are experts in the matter, offering a service of the highest level of quality, security and technological innovation in our processes.
  • The risk of fraud for the client is eliminated, and therefore we assume that risk.
  • The problems with operational contingencies end, as our company assumes the task. In addition, we have two online remote operational sites; if one of these fails the other goes on providing continuity to the business and service to shareholders.
  • Revision and registration of share transfers through the application of regulations that safeguard the interests of companies and shareholders.

Service Quality

  • We have three shareholders’ service channels: account executives, telephone agents and the Internet.
  • Expert professionals, service the client with extensive experience in the area, which allows for having the exact and prompt information, as well as advice on specific topics.
  • Moreover, our staff is highly committed because they have an appropriate work environment, forming part of a business with projection, wherein important investments in computers and facilities are made.  This results in a higher degree of satisfaction of the shareholder by being assisted by a motivated employee, in modern and comfortable offices.
  • Integrated and personalized assistance, both by issuing companies and their shareholders and stockbrokers operating with shares from those companies.


  • Allows for the allocating of resources of the company in the processes related to the line of business, which provide profitability and not expense.
  • Costs diminish for the client as our company has competitive advantages and economies of scale.

In summary, an integrated service with the highest standards of quality and excellence that characterize the services provided by DCV.

Organizational Structure of DCV Registros

The work areas that allow the administration of shareholders’ registries are:

  • DCVR Service Management
  • Operations Assistance Management
  • Issuers Customer Service Division
  • Shareholders Customer Service Division
  • Corporate Events Division

With this organization, we focus our efforts on the quality, security and innovation of the services delivered, allowing us to efficiently assist shareholders and contributors of issuers and investment funds that belong to our client portfolio.



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Our Offices

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