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Description-Register Shareholders & Participants

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DCV Registros was born in 2000 to facilitate the administration of shareholder registries of sociedades anónimas and registries of contributors of investment funds in an integrated manner, in one location, helping reduce the associated times, costs and risks. Therefore, ensuring a high quality of service and security standards.

Our infrastructure allows us to provide an important contribution to the administration of the registry providing security, protection and care to the securities of each of its contributors. Accordingly, facilitating administrative tasks and providing access to information for issuers and contributors, with the trust of having the support of an expert that has had exclusive dedication for 19 years to this service.

n01 Transfers of shares and CFI.
n01 Issuance and administration of certificates.
n01 Payment of dividends and payments to the Chilean Fire Department.
n01 Update of information provided by investors and issuers.
n01 Automated update of stock market transactions.
n01 Issuance of information on tax aspects.
n01 Registration of liens and prohibitions.
n01 Study of legal backgrounds and issuance of legal reports.
n01 Issuance of shares and preferential offers
n01 Conducting shareholders meetings.
n01 Exchange of shares, right to withdrawal, auction of shares, merger of companies and takeover bids.

In addition, it provides the issuance and delivery of the information that must be periodically provided to the issuing companies, the CMF, stock exchanges and other supervisory bodies in accordance with the current legal, regulatory and administrative provisions.


ico01 adm reg Integrated service
Administration of the registries of shareholders and participants in an integrated way, in a single company that allows to connect the market transactions with the registry’s update processes of shareholders or contributors of the companies and investment funds.
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ico02 adm reg Efficiency
Outsourcing of services different than the line of business, allowing to reintegrate productive capacities to their respective business areas.
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ico03 adm reg Cost reduction
Costs decrease for issuers thanks to the competitive advantages and economies of scale of DCV Registros.
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ico04 adm reg Personalized attention
Attention of expert executives, committed and with a vast history through three service channels. See the organizational structure of DCV Registros here.
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ico05 adm reg Security
Fraud risks are eliminated. Review and registry of stock transfers applying rules that safeguard the interests of companies and shareholders.
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ico06 adm reg Operational Continuity
We have two mirrored operational sites that function online. If one of these sites fails, the other continues immediately providing Continuity to the business and to the attention of shareholders.
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ico06 adm reg More than 300 issuers
See clients here.

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