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Through its Securities Deposit business unit, DCV provides its participants with a securities registration, transaction, settlement and custody service, thereby significantly reducing the physical securities management risk during the entire securities llifecycle (issuance, negotiation and maturity). It also provides the market with increased efficiency, which has permitted it, since its inception in 1995, to dramatically increase the transaction volumes through the robust infrastructure provided to the Chilean Financial Market. The Securities Deposit services are aimed at various types of clients, such as Investors, Custodians, Issuers, and Paying Institutions, through the development of a standardised service that meets all participants’ requirements.

In subscribing the to Securities Deposit Services (through the signing of a contract and/or appendix), participants may, among other things, safeguard their investments, make transfers of securities through diverse transactions, receive payment of rights associated with securities under custody, provide third-party custody, conduct physical and dematerialized issuances and settle securities transactions through the electronic payment system, etc.

Based on the market characteristics and needs and the type of target participant, the Securities Deposit service is divided into:

  • Custody of Securities
  • Custody of Old Social Security System Contribution Certificates
  • Clearing House
  • Central Issuance Registration
  • Statistical Reports

Rates for each service are in accordance with Depósito Central de Valores S.A., Depósito de Valores Internal Regulation.

Modifications to rates or calculation methods are agreed in accordance with the Company’s Internal Regulations and communicated to Depositor as established in the Contract.

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