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The “Depositor” will pay DCV the tariffs detailed in the Title “Remuneration for the Services” under the Internal Bylaws, for the provision of Forward Contracts Centralized Registry services.

DCV has developed a service that will allow Depositors to electronically register the forward contracts entered into under the Derivative Contracts General Terms  and electronically signed through the use of advanced digital signature as per Law 19.799, as well as to obtain information regarding the contracts registered, send reports to regulators and submit any other information that the service provides according to the conditions and singularities set forth in the document hereinafter referred to as “Operational Guide for DCV-Forward Contracts Central Registry”.

Internal Bylaws, title 20, of remuneration of the services (Spanish Only)

Changes made to the aforementioned tariffs or to their estimation method shall be agreed as set forth in the Company’s Internal Bylaws and informed to Depositors as indicated in the Contract.

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