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Description-Mining Collateral

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In order to ensure to the State of Chile the full and timely compliance with the closure of works and mine sites, Law 20,551 regulating these processes, has provided that companies of the sector are required to grant securities ensuring the protection of the performance of their obligations.

Within this legal framework, as from this July, the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS) authorized Depósito Central de Valores to custody such securities, particularly those defined as Type A1, with the safety and infrastructure characterizing the securities custodian in Chile.

About the service

The service enables mining companies to deposit in custody with DCV, in physical form, the instruments defined by this law, generating the custody certificates that Sernageomin required from mining companies, in order to meet their security obligations under the law when the useful life of a mine site ends.

Check the Mining Collateral Custody Forms (SERNAGEOMIN)

Check the Mining Collateral Custody Documents (SERNAGEOMIN)

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